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Nevada Amish FurnitureA Nevada Amish furniture guide Nevada is far from Amish Country, but finding Amish furniture in the Silver State is not impossible.  Though no known Amish furniture dealers are found in Las Vegas, the Simply Amish brand displays their wares annually at the World Market Center in Las Vegas.  Elsewhere in Nevada, an Amish furniture outlet selling a wide range of home furnishings is located in Reno.

Amish woodworkers are well-known for their high-quality tables, chairs, cabinets, outdoor furniture, bedroom suites, and much more.  Read more in this Nevada Amish furniture guide.

Nevada Amish furniture store list

Amish Furniture

Forever Yours‎
701 East 4th Street
Reno, NV 89512-3404
(775) 786-6361‎
This Reno store features a range of producers including Amish furniture.  Simply Amish-line bedrooms and dining sets, with pieces such as round tables, the Shaker Hill and Prairie Mission dining series, dining room chairs, sleigh beds, dressers, Arts and Crafts Amish furniture, Amish sofas, coffee tables, recliners, and much more.

Simply Amish-Las Vegas Trade Show
World Market Center Las Vegas
Showroom: C1184
495 S. Grand Central Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89106
The Simply Amish line of Amish furniture has previously exhibited their wares at the Las Vegas market.

To find Amish furniture outside of Nevada, the Amish Furniture national directory features a full listing of Amish furniture dealers across the United States.

Note to Nevada residents: Please be sure to check opening hours of any Amish furniture businesses listed in this guide before traveling long distances.  While we strive to keep this directory up-to-date, business locations and schedules can change.  Not responsible for changes to information. 

Amish woodworking

No Amish live in Nevada, and few have ever settled in the West, for that matter.  However, Amish furniture has found acclaim in Nevada and across the nation.  Entrepreneurship among Amish has blossomed as the Amish population has boomed.  Growing families and elevated land prices in traditional areas such as Pennsylvania and Ohio have led to fewer Amish farming today.  Small businesses such as furniture shops, relatively easy to establish and operate, have been a natural fit for the Amish and other Plain people.

amish woodworking nevada
From farm to furniture shop. Amish have found outlets for their woodworking in Nevada and other states

Amish wood craftsmen have tapped manual skills to compete in the huge US wood furniture industry.  As the reputation of Amish furniture has grown, more Amish have been encouraged to enter the business.  Important partnerships with non-Amish furniture dealers and distributors help Amish tap into markets well beyond their home communities, including Nevada.  Many Amish sell direct, but much Amish furniture can be found for order online at a wide variety of Amish furniture websites operated by non-Amish middlemen.

 Traditional appeal

Amish woodcraft enjoys a high reputation for various reasons.  If you’ve ever admired a finely-crafted Amish dining table, or sat in a form-fitting Amish hickory rocker, or enjoyed a night’s rest in an Amish-made bed, you probably have a sense of the high level of quality typical of Amish furniture.  Amish believe in doing a job well, whether it comes to operating a farm, running a household, or crafting fine home furnishings for their customers.

“Doing a job well” not only means applying principles of fine craftsmanship, but also selecting top-notch materials.  Solid hardwoods are commonly used by Amish.  These include oak (and quarter-sawn oak), cherry, maple, walnut, hickory, poplar, and many more.  The durability gained by selecting solid wood over particle board or other alternatives means Amish furniture is destined to last a long time, hence the name commonly applied to it: “heirloom-quality”.

Amish furniture is not the cheapest, but buyers appreciate the value that they get for their money.  Amish actively keep costs low, with workshops set up to operate on a no-frills, basic level.  Amish also make good use of local labor, including family help, as well as much work done by the owner himself in many cases.

Not only does Amish furniture represent a value purchase, it also offers a little something for everyone.  Amish furniture styles range from Mission to Shaker to Colonial to Queen Anne, Craftsman, and many other classic styles.  Amish also design contemporary styles for the urban or suburban home environment.  Numerous Amish craftsmen do custom work, creating furnishings to the exact specifications of their clients.

Locating Amish furniture in Nevada

Looking to buy Amish furniture in Nevada?  With no Amish in the Silver State, buying direct from an Amish furniture craftsmen is not possible.  However, at least one Nevada Amish furniture dealer offers Amish-made woodcraft in the state, in Reno (see above for more).  Additionally, Las Vegas and other Nevada residents can order from a number of online Amish furniture dealers delivering product to Nevada and other states across the nation.

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