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Local Amish-made quality in the First State

de amish furnitureDelaware Amish furniture seekers are in luck, with a sizeable Amish community right outside Dover.  Local Amish craftsmen create a variety of pieces for every room in the home.

Outside the state capital, residents of other Delaware cities such as Wilmington and Newark have a range of options for Amish furniture as well.  Delaware also lies within a short drive of the large Lancaster County community, home to many Amish woodworkers.

Delaware Amish furniture stores

Amish Furniture

Troyer Custom Woodcraft
1609 Yoder Dr.
Hartly, DE 19953
(302) 492-0602

Byler’s Cabinet Shop
1926 Dinah’s Corner Rd.
Dover, DE 19904

Dutch Country Heirloom Furniture
11233 Trussum Pond Road
Laurel, DE 19956
(302) 875-1608
Family-owned furniture store in Laurel, Delaware, offering custom-built hardwood furniture, poly outdoor furniture, sheds & storage buildings, and vinyl playsets.

Troyer’s Cabinet Shop
476 Apple Grove School Rd.
Wyoming, DE 19934
(302) 678-0256

West Dover Woodcraft
2417 Pearson’s Corner Rd.
Dover, DE 19904

Miller Woodworks
764 Winding Creek Rd.
Dover, DE 19904
(302) 730-0188

Walnut Grove Cabinets
308 Rose Valley School Rd.
Dover, DE 19904
(302) 678-2694

Hickory Hill Cabinets
434 Lynnbury Woods Rd.
Dover, DE 19904
(302) 653-5496 Ext. 9

Shady Maple Woodcraft
4091 Hazlettville Rd.
Dover, DE 19904
(302) 734-8702

Oakcrest Furniture Inc
6467 Milford Harrington Highway
Harrington, DE 19952-2356
(302) 398-3949
Amish-made furniture in pine, cherry, and oak; Amish sheds, bedroom furniture, entertainment centers, children’s rockers and more.

For Amish furniture listings in Pennsylvania and neighboring states, visit the Amish Furniture Guide main directory.

Note to Delaware residents: Please be sure to check opening hours of any Amish furniture businesses listed in this guide before traveling long distances to visit them.  While we strive to keep this directory up-to-date, business locations and availability can change.  Not responsible for changes to information.

Amish furniture heritage

The Dover, Delaware area has been home to Amish for nearly 100 years.  Traditionally, Amish have made a living by farming, and the Delaware Amish were long the same.

amish furniture delaware
Amish furniture makers in Delaware

However, like in other Amish communities facing population pressure, land prices have made it difficult to farm.  Amish in the Dover area compete with land developers and the encroaching capital city.  Today, less than 2 dozen Amish remain in full-time farming in the Dover area.

Amish in this sole Delaware community have turned to furniture making and other small businesses as a means of economic support.  Furniture craftsmanship allows Amish to work together as family, similar to what they maintain on the farm.

Amish put manual skills to good use in furniture shops.   Amish youth may apprentice with family or furniture-making neighbors from a young age.  The average Amish wood worker has many years of experience under his belt, often starting from the teens.

Amish furniture appeals to a wide range of buyers, in part due to the many styles and varieties available–not only traditional styles such as Mission or Shaker furniture, but modern designs as well.

Add to the mix the many solid hard woods Amish use, such as oak, walnut, cherry, and maple, as well as the wide range of finishes available, and the variations of Amish furniture are nearly limitless.  Amish craftsmen typically do custom work on demand, and are able to adapt bedroom, dining room, living room, and children’s furniture, as well as cabinets and other home furnishings, to a client’s individual needs.

Dover Amish woodworking

The Dover DE community is one of a few East Coast Amish settlements facing high population pressures (others would include Lancaster County, PA, and St. Mary’s County, MD).  In addition to opening wood working shops and other businesses, some Amish have responded by leaving for other communities in states like Virginia and Kentucky.

However a good number of Delaware Amish furniture producers continue to operate at Dover.  With a sizeable population remaining, Delaware is likely to keep a contingent of Amish wood workers, providing a source of quality locally-made home furnishings for First State residents for the foreseeable future.

Browse a wide selection of Amish furniture online.

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    1. Walter E. Venator

      Repairing cane-back chair

      I reside in Manolia, DE.

      Our recent move was not too kind to one of our dining room chairs; Ethan Allan solid black birch with cane back. Apparently a leg of one chair penetrated the cane webbing of another and needs to be replaced. I am searching for a craftsman who cn replace the cane and stain it to match the existing color. I do not know what the stain color is, but it is close to Jacobean. The Ethan Allan set is about 40 years old, and in excellent condition. It is our prized piece of furniture and we would like to retain its integrity.

      1. Michelle

        Chair re-caning

        There are several places in Lancaster, PA that do this work. Try B-Reseated in Thomasville, PA.

    2. Peggy Lane

      chair seat restoration


      I have a small wooden rocking chair which needs the woven seat replaced. I think it is an old splint seat, not caned. I’d like to know if you do this sort of work, and the approximate cost.

      Thank you,

      Peggy Lane

    3. Lucy King

      Repair 1903 butter churn

      I am looking for someone to repair a 1903 butter churn. During the years the wood/weather/age has caused all the pieces to come apart. I have numbered all the pieces that have come apart and others that are still attached. Could you please help me with this antique butter churn. I live in Utah and I’m willing to ship the item to your location. Thanks I will await a suggestion of reply.

    4. Deborah Barber

      Custom pantry cabinet

      Looking for cabinet builder to add pantry to our existing kitchen.

      Located in Milford, DE

    5. Ellis

      Custom Shelving and Closets

      We are building in Smyrna, DE and seeking an Amish craftsman to build closets and custom shelving in two rooms.

    6. Kathy

      Kitchen cabinets and countertops

      I am interested in new kitchen cabinets and countertops. Does Millers Woodwork (or other Amish woodworkers) provide this service in the Bear, DE area? I was unable to reach Miller’s by phone, but will try again later. Thank you.