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Arkansas Amish BedsAmish-made beds in Arkansas  The Amish population in Arkansas is minimal, with just a handful of Amish in a few small settlements.

Amish bed buyers in the Natural State have at least one outlet providing Amish-crafted beds as well as bedroom furniture.

AR Amish Beds

Amish Collection Inc‎
3022 E Van Buren # A
Eureka Springs, AR 72632-9800
(479) 253-2424
Arkansas dealer Amish Collection Inc offers  a few types of traditional Amish-crafted beds including Panel, Sleigh, Mission styles and more.   Beautiful hardwood Amish beds in various designs are available in Queen sizes.

To locate Amish beds and other Amish-built furniture in states beside Arkansas, try the Amish Furniture Main Directory page.  You can also view all Arkansas Amish Furniture stores.

Buying Amish beds in Arkansas

Amish settlements in Arkansas can be found near the Missouri border, in both Fulton County and Clay County.  All Amish communities in Arkansas are small, typically a single congregation in size.  Furniture making is one of the most common small enterprises found among Amish.  Amish communities of decent size typically have at least a few furniture makers.

Amish bed buyers can also visit retail stores in neighboring states, as well as Amish communities with bed craftsmen.  Missouri is home to numerous Amish communities;  Amish can also be found in Kentucky and Tennessee.   Amish bed craftsmen can be found in each of these states.

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