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CO Amish BedsFind a bed in Colorado  Looking for an Amish-made bed or bedroom furniture? Colorado has made news with new Amish settlement over the past decade.   Amish settlers to the state have opened businesses in large numbers, including furniture shops and stores producing and selling beds.

Popular Amish bed styles such as poster beds, day beds, platform beds, and more can be found within driving distance of Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Grand Junction and other Colorado cities.  Colorado dealers carry Amish beds in at least a pair of locations (see below).

CO Amish Beds

Black Carriage Furniture‎
2580 US HWY 6 50, East of Motor Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
(970) 263-4433
Black Carriage Furniture carries well over 40 different styles of handcrafted beds made by Amish craftsmen, including: Mission Style Bunk Bed, Wrap Around with Canopy Bed and more.  Products are available in a full range of sizes.

Amish Showcase
2832 E Mulberry St
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
(970) 221-1820
Amish Showcase features Simply Amish brand, which offers  a large collection of Amish furniture.  Their selection of beds, includes Pencil Post Bed, Arch Raised Panel Day Bed and more.  Within an hour’s drive of Denver.  

To find Amish beds and other varieties of Amish-made furniture in states beside Colorado, try the Amish Furniture Main Directory.  You may also wish to view all Colorado Amish Furniture retailers in the state, or the Denver Amish furniture main listings.

Colorado Amish bed manufacturers

As of 2012 there are four Amish settlements in Colorado.  All are relatively small, having been founded over the past decade.  Locations include Conejos County, Rio Grande County, and Custer County.  Many of the Amish settlers here moved from Midwestern farming states such as Iowa and Missouri.  In places Amish have settled, such as southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley, Amish have encountered growing conditions less hospitable than they were accustomed to in their home states.  As a result many Colorado Amish have opened small shops and cottage industries.

Woodworking is one popular occupation among Amish in general, the Amish in Colorado included.  Amish furniture makers and sellers can be found among the Amish communities in the state.  Entrepreneurial Amish have opened new businesses as they become established economically in the  Centennial State.  For example a store selling furniture among other home items, as well as toys and bakery goods was opened by a pair of Amish partners in Fremont County.

Amish-made beds are a staple item in the Amish furniture repertoire.  As the focal point of any bedroom–not to mention the piece of furniture most crucial to one’s well-being–selecting an attractive and suitably-sized bed is important.  The assortment of Amish beds is wide, coming in many styles and designs, ensuring that finding a suitable bed for nearly any taste is possible.

In order to fulfill demand Amish furniture outlets in Colorado source much of their furniture from other states.  Much Amish bed production originates in midwestern states with a highly-established Amish furniture industry, such as Ohio or Indiana.  When searching for an Amish bed, most buyers take one of three routes–either purchasing from an Amish bed retailer, purchasing online, or buying an Amish bed direct from an Amish producer.

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