Amish Beds – Connecticut

Connecticut Amish BedsWhere to find Amish beds in Connecticut Amish have never lived in the Constitution State. At least one Connecticut outlet sells Amish beds in a variety of designs, however, within a 90-minute drive of most major cities in the state, including Bridgeport, Stamford, Hartford, Waterbury and New Haven.

CT Amish Beds

Housatonic Hardwoods Inc‎
31 South Main Street
Kent, CT 06757-1435
(860) 927-3551
Housatonic Hardwoods Inc features various of designs Amish hand-made Beds, in tradisional, rustic styles.
Their products can be found in variety of  types and styles including:  Mission, Traditional Bunk, Sleigh Beds and more.  Housatonic Hardwoods Amish Beds are avilable in Oak or Cherry wood and different sizes ranging from King to Twin.

For Amish beds and other Amish-made furniture in states besides Connecticut, visit the Amish Furniture Main Directory page, or you can view all Connecticut Amish Furniture stores.

Amish beds – other options for Connecticut residents

Outside of buying a bed in-state, Connecticutians can also find Amish bed dealers in neighboring states such as New York and Massachusetts.  Non-Amish furniture retailers sell Amish-made products in both of these states.

Additionally, New York state is home to the nation’s fifth largest Amish population.  Amish communities can be found in the Mohawk Valley area among other locations in the Empire State.  In the New England states, Amish only live in Maine, in a handful of communities.

Visiting an Amish manufacturer and purchasing direct is a popular option for many Amish furniture shoppers.  This is more time-consuming but can give you a chance to see the shop where the furniture is made, meet the owner, and even place a custom order.  Amish do much custom furniture work, creating products from a range of woods and in a variety of styles.

Finally, the most convenient (though least hands-on) way of purchasing furniture is by buying from an online Amish furniture seller.  Many web-based Amish furniture dealers work directly with Amish producers to provide beds and other furniture to a nationwide market.  You won’t get to touch your furniture beforehand, but many retailers provide extensive online catalogs and good customer support.  One retailer worth considering, with a large online selection and many years of experience, is Online Amish Furniture (view Online Amish Furniture Beds).

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