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Idaho Amish BedsFew Amish have lived in Idaho, though the Gem State was the newest addition to the list of Amish-inhabited states in 2012.

Amish craftsmen create a diverse range of beds in a wide variety of styles, both traditional and contemporary. Amish-made furniture, often described as “heirloom-quality”, has been praised for its value and durability.

At least one Boise-area dealer offers Amish-made beds.

ID Amish Beds

Heritage Reflections
3175 East Copper Point Drive
Meridian, ID 83642-1741
(208) 855-9885
Heritage Reflections‎ features country-style Amish furniture, including Amish handcrafted beds and a full range of different accessories for the bedroom, office, living room and dining room. They also carry hickory style furniture. 

A listing of sellers of Amish-made furniture besides Amish beds can be found atthe Amish Furniture Main Directory page.  You can also visit the Idaho Amish Furniture main page.

Amish beds in ID

A fledgling community of Amish was recently founded in the Gem State. North America’s Amish population is concentrated in the Midwest and Pennsylvania, though Amish can now be found in 30 states. Few Amish live this far west, though communities have long been found in Montana and have been growing in Colorado. Amish furniture dealers in low-Amish population states typically source their furniture from Amish craftsmen in other states.  Amish bed buyers in Idaho can find a selection of beds at the Meridian (greater Boise) area store listed above.

Alternatively, Amish beds can be purchased online.  Buying an Amish bed online is convenient, as a dealer’s full listings can be viewed from the comfort of the home.  While you won’t be able to “test out” your bed before buying, this option offers great convenience and much choice. Many dealers will deliver to Idaho and most other locations.

Online dealers provide Amish-made beds and other furniture in a variety of styles, including Mission, Shaker, Queen Anne, Craftsman, and others.  A wide range of woods are available as well, such as oak, quartersawn oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, and maple, as well as a vast palette of stains.  Online sellers, who maintain relationships with Amish manufacturers, can often arrange custom-made beds and other pieces of furniture as well.

There are dozens of Amish bed sellers on the web.  One dealer with a long-standing reputation and wide selection is Online Amish Furniture.  You can view their collection of Amish-crafted beds here.

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