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Florida Amish BedsFinding an Amish-made bed in the Sunshine State Florida lies far from America’s Amish heartland, but is home to a number of Amish furniture stores, with many carrying Amish beds. Residents of Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, Gainesville, St. Petersburg, and other Florida cities can reach an Amish bed seller within an easy drive.

FL Amish Beds

Oak Emporium of Tampa Bay Inc
15445 N. Dale Mabry
Tampa, FL 33618
(813) 264-7378
Oak Emporium of Tampa Bay carries many different Amish beds, including the following manufacturer brands : Simply Amish, Mill Craft, Country Curios and others. Mill Craft offers Amish beds made in rustic styles including Panel, Platform, Sleigh Beds and other models.  Amish handcrafted beds are available in both Oak and Cherry wood.

Whitmire’s Furniture
815 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32804
(407) 422-5621
Whitmire’s Furniture features a limited selection of Amish Beds, and a nice collection of non-Amish brands as well.

Miller’s Dutch Furniture
3737 Bahia Vista St # 6
Sarasota, FL 34232-2422
(941) 952-5646
Miller’s Dutch Furniture offers a large range of handiwork direct from Amish craftsmen. Beds are available in different styles (a sample includes Murphy Wall Beds, Slat, and Panel Beds) and  wood types, including Cherry, Oak and Brown Maple.

Wood Family Furniture
731 Northeast 5th Avenue
Crystal River, FL 34428
(352) 795-9855
Wood Family Furniture carries different brands of Amish furniture makers, including Amish Mills, Ariel’s Oak, and Wooden Leaf Furnishings. Wood Family Furniture offers a few types of Wall Beds in traditional styles. They also have a growing section of bedroom accessories from nightstands to closets.

Amish Creative Furnishings
101 W Oak St
Arcadia, FL 34266-3913
(863) 993-1100
Amish Creative Furnishings offers a limited collection of handcrafted beds, tables and outdoor furniture.

To find Amish beds and other Amish furniture outside Florida, visit the Amish Furniture Main Directory page.  You can also view all Florida Amish Furniture stores or Sarasota Amish Furniture stores.

Amish beds in the Sunshine State

Did you know that Amish live in Florida?  A small Plain community can be found in the city of Sarasota, in a neighborhood known as Pinecraft.  It’s not a typical Amish settlement–while the people here are really Amish (along with Mennonites and Beachy Amish) you’ll find no buggies here, and certainly no farms or furniture workshops.  Pinecraft is something of a vacation destination among Plain people, attracting scores of visitors from the Midwest and East Coast during the winter months.  Only a relative handful of Amish live here year-round.

That said, there is a strong Amish presence in the Pinecraft area of Sarasota, along with a number of Amish-style restaurants, as well as one furniture store (Miller’s Dutch Furniture).  Amish furniture stores can be found in other locations in the state.  Florida Amish furniture stores bring in Amish-made beds and other pieces from producers in Ohio and Indiana.

Florida Amish Beds – Other Options

Buying in a retail store gives the advantage of gathering many pieces in one place.  However for a more “authentic” purchasing experience, some Amish bed seekers prefer buying direct from an Amish craftsman.  While no Amish furniture makers produce beds in Florida, Amish communities with furniture makers can be found in a number of Southern states, including Mississippi, Tennessee, and North Carolina.  Depending on your location in Florida, these settlements can mean a significant drive, but can be combined with a vacation.  See the Amish State Guide menu link for more on the locations of these communities.

While some Amish bed retailers can arrange custom orders, Amish themselves often fulfill such requests, creating beds to fit the specific demands of their customers.  However many Amish woodworkers are in high demand, and long wait times are not uncommon.

Amish bed buyers in Florida also have a third option: buying Amish beds online.  There are dozens of online retailers of Amish furniture.  Some ship nationwide while others have a more limited range.  Buying an Amish bed via the web gives the convenience of shopping from home, though you won’t be able to handle your purchase before it arrives.

If you do have a good sense of what you’d like to buy, however, it can be a good option.  Online sellers of Amish beds can answer questions and provide details in addition to what is viewable on the site.  One internet Amish bed seller worth considering is Online Amish Furniture, which has a large selection and easily-reachable customer support.  View Online Amish Furniture’s beds selection.

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