With the air crisp and the calendar about to leave October behind, I thought it would be a nice time to look back at fall-related posts we’ve featured here over the years.

Photos by Bill Coleman and others, the Amish and Halloween, and others follow. I hope you’re enjoying this autumn season, it has been absolutely beautiful in my neck of the woods lately.

Bill Coleman, who passed away in 2014, was perhaps the best-known photographer of the Amish. We’ve featured Bill’s photos here on several occasions, as well as reprinting an interview with Bill along with commentary from his son Noah.

Here are a few of Bill’s autumn-themed photos. Bill famously shot many of his photos in Pennsylvania’s Big Valley. Many look like perfectly-arranged paintings, attesting to Bill’s great skill:

Bill Coleman Cat Pumpkins

Bill Coleman Amish School Autumn

Bill Coleman Amish Buggy Autumn

Autumn scenes from different Amish communities. Here is Snyder County, PA, via reader Jerry, home to both Amish and Mennonites:

Ed shared some pumpkin photos from Lancaster County:

And also some Lancaster harvest shots. Lancaster Amish are among the relatively few who raise tobacco:

Here are some shots of my own from the produce auction at Munfordville, KY:

Horse Cave KY Amish

kentucky amish buggy

kentucky amish auctioneer

Here we have Ethridge, TN in fall, courtesy of Adair Faust:

amish laundry ethridge

autumn amish buggy

amish boys running

sunset amish farm tnFinally, last month contributor Don Burke took us to the North Missouri Pumpkin and Mum auction:

What do Amish think about Halloween? Traditionally, they do not observe the holiday, though pumpkins and other autumn decor may be seen at some homes.

However, there has been word that some Amish children in at least one community have participated in trick-or-treating. Here’s what one reader wrote us about Amish in northeastern Ohio:

Well Erik … you should visit Mesopotamia , Ohio during trick or treat , you’ll find Amish kids trick or treating along side the “yankee” kids . It’s great ! The ones I have spoken to about Halloween know that it is “All Hallows Eve ” the night before All Saints day ,a Christian holiday .

That would be far from common though.

As Donald Kraybill writes in Concise Encyclopedia of Amish, Brethren, Hutterites, and Mennonites, “TRADITIONAL GROUPS [ie, Amish], in keeping with their separatist stance, are more likely to ignore holidays such as Halloween in the United States or its equivalent in other countries, and holidays that emphasize nationalistic military themes” (Concise Encyclopedia, p 107).

Visiting an Amish community in Autumn. If you’re thinking of an autumn visit to an Amish settlement, here are links to resources from the three largest Amish settlements, all of which are tourist-friendly:

Visiting Lancaster County in Autumn

Visiting Holmes County in Autumn

Visiting Northern Indiana in Autumn

Happy autumn and enjoy the wonderful views and pleasant weather for as long as it lasts 🙂 .

Amish-made cheese

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