Autumn Scenes From Snyder County, PA (20 Photos)

Snyder County in central Pennsylvania is home to a small population of Amish residents.

Reader Jerry recently paid a visit to the county and captured some scenes showing the fall colors and more.


In honor of the season, here are some of Jerry’s photos from his visit taken in mid-October. And here’s a little background from Jerry on what you’ll see below:

When most people think of fall colors, they think of trees turning red, yellow or orange. Well today I went to find some new fall colors. I went to visit the Plain people in Synder County, Pa.

I started the day at the Buffalo Valley Produce Auction. Farmers bring their produce in bulk and the buyers from chain grocery stores, roadside markets and farmers markets come to get the best the season has to offer. These wholesale auctions only get the best looking assortments since they will command the highest prices.

Next I went to a couple of Mennonite stores and I had a couple of pics from there. Along the way, I stopped at roadside stands to see what they were up to. And a couple of fun shots that just popped up along the way. It was a great day.



















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    1. Alex Knisely

      How homesick you make me!

      Lovely pictures…

    2. Kim

      Gorgeous pictures! I especially love the one of Merle’s Custom Furniture. It belongs on a wall in a frame!

      1. That’s one of my favorites too Kim, it’s actually cropped from a larger photo.

    3. Gibby

      Autumn pictures

      Wonderful captures of Fall market time in Amish country!

    4. Judith

      That Barn!!

      Whoa! Is it an optical illusion or is the barn in the photo with the horse and buggy riding toward it – leaning at an impossible and alarming angle?

      The photos are so beautiful, I love fall back east. Thanks for posting them.

    5. Jeff Baker

      Great memories from Fall in the north

      These pictures bring back great memories from the Fall in the north.

      I miss not having a garden anymore(No time to get a rented plot somewhere and we live on the fourth floor of a condo building in south Florida with mosquito netting on the balcony)and I miss apple picking.

      I like summer all year round and do not miss the days of professionally removing snow.

      My Amish fix comes from visiting Pinecraft- Florida a few times a year now.

    6. Randy A

      Beautiful Colors

      What beautiful autumn colors. This my favorite time of the year.

      1. It’s mine too Randy! I only wish the colors would last longer, like a couple of months rather than weeks 🙂

    7. Beckysue

      Wow! Some beautiful scenery there! I’d love to send some pictures from this way! We are bare for the most part now…but it was beautiful for a short while. Thanks for posting!

    8. Alice Mary

      I wish I could “shop” from these photos—lots of things I’d like to “order”!

      I love the ideas with the gourds/nests/chicken coop! I’ll keep them in mind for next year’s Fall decorating.

      I need to ask, about the last photo (Merle’s Custom Furniture), is that black spray-painted graffiti on the right side, behind the shovel and along the bottom of the building? It doesn’t look like shadows. Curious!

      Fall is my absolute favorite season, as well. In my county (Northeastern Illinois), fall colors have been lasting longer than I thought they would. My burning bush is still not totally red, neighbors trees (red maples) still holding most of their red leaves, as are other vines and bushes(I have a forsythia that thinks it’s spring and is blooming!) Yes, we’ve had frost & freezing temps, but today (and most of this week) it’s supposed to be in the low 70’s! Scary, as more than once in the past, this warmer spell preceded a severe cold snap with lots of snow. Fingers crossed!

      Thanks for these photos, Jerry!

      Alice Mary

      1. Jerry

        Fall colors

        The paint on the furniture shop……It’s over-spray from something he was painting. It’s not graffiti. I’m thinking it was a saw blade that he spray painted black.

        The leaning shed? It’s not an optical illusion. That shed has been leaning for 20 years. About 10 years ago a Nebraska order family bought the property. They use the barn but just never got around to taking care of the shed. The house with the trees in front is just across the road from the shed. These folks are on the extreme outside boarder of a huge OOM community. I’m not sure if they mingle much.

    9. Jim Kramer

      Snyder County

      Super Bilder-mir gefallen sie ja wirklich sehr! Sie erinnern mich an die vielen kleinen Reisen, die ich nach Somerset Co., PA gemacht habe. Nochmals besten Dank!!

    10. Al in Ky

      Really enjoyed these pictures — especially of the produce auction.
      I’ve been to about ten different Amish/Old Order Mennonite produce
      auctions, but this one looks much bigger than any I’ve been to. If an Amish settlement has a produce auction, I think that’s a good place to begin your visit, especially in a settlement new to you. I’ve found that there usually are people there who will tell you where the Amish stores are in the settlement, as well as other interesting places to visit.