Randall Persing Amish Photos

Following up the great Amish photos from Bill Coleman last week, here is a new, no-less impressive batch from Randall Persing.

Randy says that he feels fortunate to have developed friendships with the Amish.  This also allows him to freely move about the community, attend events, and document Amish life.

Like Bill Coleman, Randy has been able to photograph perhaps the most conservative of all Amish subgroups:  the Nebraska Amish, of ‘Big Valley’, Pennsylvania (learn why Amish living in PA are called ‘Nebraska’).

Here’s a shot of some Nebraska women at a wedding:


Nebraska Amish are unique in their use of white-top carriages:


Like Swartzentruber Amish, some Nebraska Amish forgo the orange triangle and lighting systems that most Amish use, opting instead for old-style lanterns.  This has been controversial, even among the Amish–some of the more mainstream buggy-driving Old Orders find it a bit odd.

Amish carriages come in other colors too.  Here are a couple of yellow-top Byler Church Amish buggies, also found in the very diverse ‘Big Valley’ region.

Thanks again to Randy for sharing his work with us.  See more of it at http://randallpersing.com/galleryindex.htm.

Bonus:  view ‘Amish in the jungle‘ and South America’s Old Colony Mennonites, photos courtesy of our Spanish photographer friend Jordi Busque.

Bonus 2(!):


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    1. These pictures are fascinating. The yellow topped buggies are a surprise for me. The baby is adorable. I love the canning jar of milk.

    2. Yeah, these guys are really good. I never get tired of looking at photos like this.

    3. Alxis Boshers

      you have alsome pictures