Autumn in the Ethridge, TN Amish community

You might remember some photos of the Ethridge, Tennessee Amish shared by reader Adair Faust.  She has kindly sent in another batch from a recent visit.  You can see the fall colors are in full swing in this conservative Amish community:

amish laundry ethridge

autumn amish buggy

amish boys running

amish school tenn

barn raising amish tn

amish barn raising tennessee

amish men working barn

ethridge amish buggy hitch

amish buggy trails

sunset amish farm tn

Read more on the Ethridge Amish community, the largest settlement in the Volunteer State.

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    1. Lattice

      Great pictures! I love the Ethridge community. The Amish there are a little more receiving than other Swartz I have visited. My favorite part is how, when you drive into the community, the telephone/electric poles literally disappear. The other communities I’ve seen have them throughout, because typically the English are there first.

      1. No power lines on Amish roads

        That’s an interesting observation Lattice. On some of these roads especially, where you have no other English, just big Amish farms…I guess it being a fairly rural area, and the Amish being there over 60 years would lend it to being more predominantly Amish in some areas.

        You see this in other communities as well–this summer I remember more than a few roads like that in the Adams Co, Indiana settlement. I like those roads.

    2. Sharon R


      Love the photos!! Thank you for sharing!

    3. Marilyn from New York

      I think the photos are just beautiful. Makes me want to vacation back in that area again.

    4. Lee Ann

      Just beautiful! I love fall and the color of leaves. Miss it from my old home. Thanks for posting!

    5. Betty Hamilton

      Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

    6. Roberta Klooster

      I loved these pictures, especially the laundry blowing in the breeze in front of the barn. Thanks!

    7. Adair Faust

      Just a little correction – the last photo is labelled “sunset Amish farm” but it’s sunRISE!

      1. Thank you Adair! That tricky sun!

    8. Jane Reeves

      Thanks for posting this beautiful pictures.

    9. Jane Reeves

      Thanks for posting these beautiful pictures.

    10. Beautiful photos!

      Thanks for the beautiful photos.

    11. Ann Whitaker

      Etheridge is a beautiful community; thank you for posting such lovely photos of one of my favorite places.

    12. Intrigued to see the red ochre building. Barns are commonly red because of painting with oxblood paint (as were floors in many old buildings.) But few make the old hemoglobin paint now.

      1. Adair Faust

        There are lots of red buildings around Ethridge, barns and shop buildings, etc.

    13. Rachel



      Many Blessings

    14. Alice Mary

      Sunrise, sunset...

      …either one, a beautiful, peaceful photo. Thank you so much for sharing these.

      I think I detect reflective tape on the back of the buggy, am I right? No triangle—too worldly, I’m sure. I’m still surprised at the tape, but thankful for it.

      Thanks, Adair (and Erik)

      1. Adair Faust

        Yes, there was reflective tape. But having driven those roads at night (for a very short time), I am now in the camp of “use the triangle”. The tape is visible, as are the lanterns they hang out on the sides of the buggies, but not until you’re very close, and I can see how tragic accidents can happen readily, especially since there’s a large highway. After coming up suddenly on a couple of buggies in the pitch black dark, I was scared to drive any more and went back to my motel! I don’t understand why the tape passes muster but the triangles don’t.

        1. SMV triangle vs. reflective tape--visibility?

          Interesting question Adair, and one we’ve run into more than once here. I am assuming there is a way to quantify visibility which would let you compare the orange SMV triangle to the tape.

          I’d be curious to see the objective comparison. Intuitively it doesn’t seem like the tape would come close to the triangle. But I wonder.

    15. Lovely Pictures!

      I love seeing the pictures from all the different settlements and the fall colours are so beautiful!

    16. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      I think these are a lovely collection of pictures.
      I like the series of shots of men working on the structure, a barn I guess.

      I was thinking today about my family when they were farmers. I thought they must have known how to build buildings like barns and such. I read that one nineteenth century arm of the family had friends who where carpenters and furniture makers, who co-operated together to build different structures in their rural community, in addition to household items.

      Is it fair to say that for practical reasons, the Amish hone these skills so to not rely on outsiders?

      1. Amish barn-raising independence

        Shom, I would say yes, among other reasons…but yes they are glad to be able to rely on their own community in this and other areas. Though on the whole Amish have probably increased their interaction with English on a variety of fronts over the past decade or two.

        1. Jaysa Stewart

          lodging available

          I would love to come visit in Ethridge TN. I would love to teach my children the simplier life as I homeschool. We want to come during the amish auction in Oct. Any ideas for lodging or someone who rents to English among the Amish?

    17. Mary

      We would like to visit the Ethridge Community.
      It is so nice to see pictures from the different communities.
      This a great, informative site.
      It seeme like the Amish in Ethridge may be similsr to the Soutnern Minnesota Amish. I believe they are also Swartentruber. They do not use the triangle on the back of the buggies.
      Thanks for all the information!!

      1. Both are Swartzentruber

        Mary, glad you found us, and yes you are right, the Amish near Harmony in Fillmore County in southern Minnesota are also Swartzentruber Amish, originally out of Wayne Co., Ohio:

        Here’s some more on the Amish in Tennessee in general: