Bill Coleman’s Images of Autumn

I am in Florida for a few days and heading to visit the Pinecraft Amish community in Sarasota for the first time today. Palm tree foliage doesn’t seem to change much around these parts. Everything is green here and it feels like July.

I like the warmth but I appreciate the change of seasons too. With that in mind today we have some autumn photos from Bill Coleman.

I recently combed through Bill’s site and found some newly added autumn scenes and ones I don’t recall seeing before. You might remember that we shared a selection of Bill’s autumn photos around this time last year, as well as a photo post on Amish wedding customs. Enjoy this latest batch.

















You can find more autumn photos at Bill’s website, including harvest scenes, weddings, and fall colors.

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    1. City Slicker

      Autumn Images

      Beautiful phtotgraphs!

    2. Tracy

      Glorious Autumn

      How VERY BEAUTIFUL Bill’s images are! They have an almost ethereal quality, some of them–especially the landscapes. It was fun to find his site and the range of subject matters he’s taken in relation to the Amish and their environs. Enjoy Florida, Erik! Soak up some sunshine to save for winter. :o) I used to have family living near Orlando. Myself, I don’t think I’d every choose to live in Florida. I like to experience ALL the seasons too!

    3. Elliott


      I was raised in Sarasota, Pinecraft was my favorite place to hang out. You must go to Yoders, they are known for their pie but if you like fried chicken, they have the best. I go when ever I visit mom. Also if you like cuban sandwiches, about 2 miles west of I-75 on state road 70, across from the forest service station (there is a big fire tower) is a little BP station, they make them fresh every day. Get it toasted YUUUUMMMYYY!!! When I was with the forest service we would walk across the street for lunch.

    4. Rich Stevick

      Pinecraft Envy

      Erik, I’ve always like Bill’s photos, but your going to Pinecraft is what grabbed my attention. Be SURE to look up my best Pinecraft friend, Amishman Henry Detwiler, originally from Jamesport, MO, and now N Indiana. I just talked to him this morning, and he’s expecting you. He is a character, a great story teller, and will become your friend too. He is at the S end of Graber Street in Pinecraft. Just ask. You will also find him in the back room at Der Dutchman on Bahia Vista street in the early mornings. Be sure to go there with Henry or even by yourself. It’s the social hub of the Pinecraft ROMEOs–Retired Old Men Eating Out–but you will be welcome. Also go to Yoder’s Restaurant, also on Bahia Vista, for their key lime pie–or dozens more. Wish you were here–and I were there. Aus liebe, Rich P.S I am in the last two days of my final revision, PTL

      1. Thank you Rich, sounds like we might be meeting Henry for lunch today. I will let you know if I spot any ROMEOs.

    5. Christine

      Pinecraft art and craft

      When in November does the art and craft festival take place in Sarasota Florida ?

      Thank you!

    6. SharonR

      Bill Colemans Images

      OH magnificent scenery!!! Enjoy the the beautiful colors of FALL!!! AND Welcome to Florida, Erik, and others!! We do NOT have the privilege of “season change” here (I live in central Florida/east coast), and it can really gets boring, after awhile — everything stays GREEN all year long, plus the yard work never ends!! It’s always “summer”!! Good reasons to go “north” for vacations!! We really love going up north in the Fall, to get our “fix” on the fall foliage! Not to mention, going “north” for some WINTER fun as well, in the snow!

      Pinecraft is a great place, and love going there, too, especially to eat at Yoders!!… And, experiencing “a little bit” of Amish country, in Florida!

      1. I am looking forward to it today too Sharon. I think we may hit both of the big Pinecraft restaurants. I am fasting accordingly 🙂

    7. Roberta K.

      fall photos

      Beautiful! And I so appreciate them this year since we have not yet had a frost in VA and the leaves are drying and falling without much color. We have a little yellow in some trees. I love the fall colors, so thank you for sharing the beauty you have captured.

    8. Fall Photos

      I could look thru Bill Colemans photos for hours… they are just beautiful.. I’d love to be a mouse in his backpack for a few months while hes out & about taking photos.. Thanks for sharing them.

      Enjoy Pinecraft!

    9. Slightly-Handled-Order-Man

      Oh my, picture #5 is so cute.

      The little fella looks like its walking away and thinking “oh my, I feel so dejected by you orange things, I only wanted to play!”

      At work we have a bench quite like that, same blue, same shape, it isn’t actually where I usually get to go, but I see in the completion of my duties, I often wonder if someone made it or if it was brought in from an Old Order community, probably not, but it makes me think of the Amish while I am supposed to be working.

    10. Tina Kegley

      how lovely!

      Beautiful photos! I will be checking out his website.
      I love Sarasota! Haven’t been in years, but it’s my favorite place in FL. Next time I will visit the Amish community.

    11. Alice Mary


      I am thankful for the colorful Fall photos, as many trees even here (Northern IL) are still green. Thankfully, we’ve recently had a hard freeze, so maybe the colors will awaken before they fall from the trees! Meanwhile, I’ll “oooo” and “ahhhhh” over these gorgeous pix!

      SHOM—I have a bench very much like that one (the “front” wood piece is thicker, and I painted it red many years ago—originally it was grey, then I painted it orange, now red). It must be close to (if not more than) 100 years old, having stood as long as I can remember on our back porch in Chicago, “upstairs” where my grandparents once lived (a 2-flat). It’s still quite sturdy. It serves as a window sear in my kitchen bay window area, and my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter often plays on it when visiting. It does my heart good to know that yet another generation of my family still has a use for it! (My cat loves it, too—good perch for bird & squirrel-watching!)

      Erik, I’ll be waiting for ample photos of Pinecraft, which I hear is “THE” spot for Amish Snowbirds/retirees. Enjoy your visit! You have much more will power than I do, regarding local food goodies!

      Alice Mary

      1. It was a wonderful visit yesterday. Met with some very nice people, and some very tasty food (the pumpkin ice cream was not expected). I will have a post up soon. But first, 12 hours in the car.

        1. City Slicker


          Travel safely!

    12. Juanita Cook

      The pictures are all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with all of us.

    13. Christine McMahon-Chase

      Thank you! Beautiful photos. Bill definitely captures the essence of Autumn and the Amish.

    14. Debbie H

      Fall around the country

      Thanks for the pictures, they are beautiful, especially the second one.

      As for seasons in Florida, we have them. Some trees in Florida lose their leaves, come to my house and rake the yard full I have all winter long if you miss the fall leaves. Ask the orange growers and fern farmers if we get freezes. I look forward to Spring every year when the trees bud and the robins stop by on their way north. As for winter, you can have the cold dead look of winter up north. We went for Christmas to Ohio a few years back, I could not wait to get back to the green of winter in Florida. SharonR, I live on the East coast of central Florida too and I love it. You can have the 9 months of cold up north, I’ll take nine months of warm in Florida any day. I would love it though if more people enjoyed northern seasons. Then Florida would be less crowded, especially in the winter and fall.

      Eric, I hope you enjoy all Sarasota has to offer while in that beautiful town.

      1. SharonR

        Bill Coleman's Images of Autumn

        Debbie H – You are also correct!
        I think it might depend on what you have in your yards, here in Central East Coast of Florida — if one has all tropical (native) plants in yards, then all “green” and no raking — we have a 2 old large oak trees, in rear of yard, but they drop leaves all year round, (ugly, little ones with no color, other than brown), and they get mulched up with the mower — which we mow all year long. Plants and trees down here, might go dormant, somewhat, but they still keep growing!

        Occasionally while driving on the highways, you MIGHT get a glimpse of a maple or sweet gum, with yellow or red leaves….but for the most part, Florida is “evergreen” and palms.

        Also, since I’ve also lived a good part of my life, in the Northern part of FLorida, we actually DID have “some” colors in the fall, and small bits of 4 season changes. But NOTHING like the autumns in the Northeast USA.

        As far as the “northerners” coming to Florida for the fall/winter, that’s just the way it is, and has been for umpteen years! We are always glad to see our “winter friends” return.

        1. Really enjoyed it Debbie. The foliage was fascinating in Florida. Tropical looking palms and palmettos and pockets of deciduous trees (saw a few autumnal colors in rare spots in Tampa and further north). I liked the trees with the pink flowers(?) though not sure what those were.

    15. annmarie

      Beautiful Pics. When I was in Florida two years ago, I had to visit Pinecraft. I was overjoyed to see an Amish woman riding her bike and that small post office:-) Enjoy!!

    16. Sue

      Bill`s Autumn Images

      I am English, I love this site, and the photo`s are out of this world! When I was looking at them, it was like I was actually there, gave me a lot of peace.