The Amish Population in 2021

amish population sizeThe new Amish population estimates are out for 2021 via the Young Center at Elizabethtown College. We’ll have some posts related to this coming up, including from Joe Donnermeyer of Ohio State University. In the meantime you can find the tables and map here. Some quick facts from the latest figures:

  • The estimated total Amish population is 361,635
  • There are no new states, provinces or countries to add to the list this year
  • A total of 19 new settlements were founded in the past year, with two communities ceasing to exist, making it a net gain of 17 settlements
  • With this gain there are now a total of 608 separate settlements
  • There are now 2,719 church districts (a church district typically consists of 20-40 families; though churches in young settlements may be much smaller)

You can read some analysis and background on the figures here, and view the population change tables for 2000-2021 here.

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    1. Al in Ky

      Thanks for sharing this update. I appreciate your posting this every year, and am always interested to see how the Amish population has grown year by year, especially in my home state of Minn. and current state of Ky.

      1. Glad you liked it, Al. I didn’t know, or maybe forgot that you were from Minnesota (understandably your screen name makes me associate one particular state with you). On this topic, I think you’ll like the upcoming post from Joe Donnermeyer, I’m looking forward to sharing it next week.

    2. Aj

      Cecil County in Maryland has been experiencing a lot of Amish moving there. The Amish are moving into areas all along the border with PA. There are also Amish in Rising Sun and near North East, MD. I would assume the Amish population in the state is larger than 1,600.

    3. Aj

      I’m actually curious as to which counties will become the first majority-Amish counties in the U.S. I just read an article that the Amish population in LaGrange is now 50% Amish. I assumed the first majority-Amish county would be Holmes, but LaGrange and Adams aren’t far behind.

      I wonder what having a majority Amish population will mean for these counties. I guess the needs of the county will change, especially to provide the accommodations and services the Amish need.

    4. Guy in Ohio

      Kinda surprised to see the number of settlements in Wyoming double, does anyone know where these are located. Also wonder when we will see the Amish settle in a new state and which one it will be?

    5. Trina Littlefield

      Hello! I have noticed an Amish buggy passing by my house this spring/summer and was wondering if there’s a community near by? I live in Norridgewock, ME and I’m thinking the buggy could be headed to Mercer, ME? I have also noticed a large family (maybe a couple of families?) on RT 2 in Palmyra, ME. I haven’t been able to find any information on a “community” in either location; it could be just a couple of new families who have relocated without other members I guess? I was reading/watching your videos and wanted to say thank you for sharing your experiences with Amish families. I was hoping to maybe say hi and hopefully welcome our new community members but wasn’t really sure on how to go about it.

    6. Alabama A and M Agriculture University

      Amish identities at shelters

      Need for families at shelters who want a authentic family and community integration. Please contact Huntsville Alabama shelters.

    7. Abby Flower

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