Last month I took a trip to King’s Kountry Store in Halifax County, Virginia. This store has been featured here a couple of times before, most recently in this 68-photo look inside the store dating to 2019. It was nice to catch up with Benny Ray and Mary Ann King, the couple who own the store. They let me film inside to give you a little video tour of the place.

In the video, I walk through the store, stopping and pointing out several items, and carry on a conversation with Benny Ray and Mary Ann as I go along. They had made a few changes to the place since my last visit, including moving the shoes to a new back room, and replacing that row of the store with an extensive fabric section. After going through the store, Benny Ray also shows me several other new additions in a separate building.

Just one note – this was my first time recording such a video tour of a store, and at least at some points I go a little faster than I would have wanted too. If it’s an issue, you can always change the YouTube playback speed to 0.75 or 0.5 in the settings. I’ve tried to slow things down in other recordings I’ve made of Amish stores since. I hope you enjoy this walk-through of one of my favorite Amish stores. Runtime: 11:21.


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