An “Amishy” Country Market

Yesterday while traveling on I-81 through Tennessee I stopped in at Yoder’s Country Market (Bulls Gap, TN). This is in the eastern end of the state, the part which juts out between Virginia and North Carolina.

This is one of the nicest PA Dutch-style stores I’ve come across. I call it “Amishy” because it has a very Amish feel, selling the types of things you’d typically find in an Amish market store. But it’s not owned by Old Order Amish or had any Amish working there that I saw.

Yoder’s gets good reviews and entering the store you immediately start to see why. The place has a big selection and is very neatly maintained.

Lots of bulk foods, candies, cooking supplies, jerky, cold drinks, books, and much more.

They also have deli meats and cheeses, and they’ll make you a sandwich to order. I got one with sweet bologna and Swiss. I give it a B+.

The sandwich was stuffed with plenty of meat and cheese and veggies (you check off the items you want on a slip of paper, a method a lot of these places use). So that part was great. I just didn’t love the bread that I got.

My favorite of the things I bought were the okra chips. If you aren’t familiar, these are lightly crispy full pieces of fried okra. Quite different from slimy cooked okra (which I also like but I know some don’t).

I also picked up some Asian rice snacks. Not very “Dutch,” but I have a soft spot for those treats. Yogurt covered pretzels and a no-bake peanut butter chocolate cookie also made their way out of the store with me.

I spoke with a son of the owner as I was paying. His parents come from the Old Order Amish, with his mother originally from Apple Creek, Ohio. His father is Kore Yoder. The store has gotten some nice publicity.

I asked him where the nearest Amish community was (kind of knowing the answer already as there was one not too far away). He told me about two local Mennonite congregations, but didn’t seem too aware of Amish around other than in central Tennessee.

If you live in the area or find yourself traveling on this interstate, I recommend stopping in. It’s just a little ways off the exit.

Yoder’s Country Market details

Yoder’s Country Market
15275 W Andrew Johnson Hwy.
Bulls Gap, TN 37711
(423) 235-9400

Store Hours

Mon-Wed: 8:30-5
Thurs-Fri: 8:30-6
Sat: 8:30-5
Sun: Closed

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    1. Kevin Lindsey

      I remember that store! We stopped there a few years back when we were passing through. I recall how much we liked it. It is well worth a visit.

    2. Kathy Rowe

      "Amishy Store"

      That is not far from where I live. I’ve been there many times. Love shopping there. All there are in this general area are Mennonites as far as I know. Of course, out in western TN there are Amish and there are some small settlements over in NC, but I haven’t been to any of them. Yoder’s seems to be busy most of the time. I always stock up on the meats and cheese’s they have plus several other items too! It is a treat to stop there if you are traveling through. Worth the visit!
      Wished I had known you were in the area, Erik. Would have liked to meet you after reading and enjoying your articles for several years now. Safe travels!

      1. Sorry I missed you Kathy! Yoder’s would have been a good spot to catch up, maybe the next time. It was quite empty when we got there as it was the end of the day. No doubt they fill up. Really nice store. I noticed a billboard on I-81 on the way back through going home. I appreciate the kind words!