12 Amish & Mennonite Food Outlets in Upstate NY

New York Upstate lists the 12 destinations, which I call “food outlets” because they are not all traditional shops and markets, though some are. Several are multi-vendor markets.

Most of these are Mennonite-owned or “Amishy“, but there are at least two Amish-owned markets on the list – Troyer’s General Store, and Weaver’s Farm Market. Many advertise Amish-made or Amish-style products.

Here’s the write-up for Troyer’s in Madison County:

Troyer’s Country Store is an old-fashioned type of place one might find on Walton’s Mountain. Here you will find everything from bulk food to cheese curds, to beef jerky to spelt bread (Amish bread made using spelt flour). Classic old-timey feel here; notice the Amish gas-powered lights on the ceiling!

If you’re in New York and on the hunt for many Amish-made or Amish-style products in a single location, this looks like a pretty solid list of option, though as noted most are not Amish-owned.

Amish-Mennonite bulk food store aisle
Aisle of a well-stocked Amish-Mennonite bulk food store

However if you want to go to multiple strictly Amish-owned places on one trip – but not necessarily a “one-stop shop” – your best bet is probably to go to one of the larger communities in the state.

Perhaps the most interesting is the Conewango Valley settlement, which is either the state’s largest or second-largest community. There is a map and listing of dozens of Amish places available online, including many food outlets.

Many of these are by the looks of things smaller places, selling single products or limited categories of products – for example by their descriptions: “baked goods” or “maple syrup” or “rhubarb” or “goat milk & fudge.” Having to stop at multiple places can make the trip more fun, in my opinion.

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