A Windy Day At The Schoeneck Mud Sale (15 Photos)

I attended the Schoeneck (pronounced, I believe, “Shay-neck”) Fire Company Mud Sale this past Saturday. What a nice day for this kind of event.

Not much mud in sight though, and a rather windy day. This photo doesn’t quite do it justice, but you can see the flags and the “Exit” sign being bent down by the gusts.

I was there later in the afternoon – around 2-3pm. I imagine there was a bigger turnout earlier, but there were still a good amount of people there. I’d guess it was about 50-50 Amish/Mennonite vs. non-Amish/non-Plain people.

There were two auctions ongoing when I arrived. One was a plant sale held in a tent. The wind was gusting so strongly, you can see that one of the little trees had tipped over.

Outside the firehouse.

At the second auction, in the main firehouse, auctioneers were selling a batch of home decor goods.

As I arrived, one auctioneer was finishing, and introduced the next auctioneer as “Colonel Samuel Stoltzfus”. I think they have some good fun at this job.

Bid spotters help the auctioneer recognize and call out bids. There were two at this auction, one focusing on the left and the other on the right side of the hall.

A helper brings up the next item for sale.

Here you see the gear of the Schoeneck fire team. These are volunteer fire companies and the mud sales generate around one third of their annual income.

There was ample food to be had, including subs, pretzels, sandwiches, pie slices, donuts and more.

My ham and cheese sandwich. It was a nice sandwich for about $3.

Parked buggies lined up.

Several Amish boys were playing baseball as I was leaving.

There are still at least 10 mud sales upcoming this year. View the full mud sale schedule here.

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    One Comment

    1. Lisa

      Nice Sandwich

      That sandwich looks delicious. (!). Good article. I hope this story is circulated widely so all the dedicated Fire companies in the area can meet their financial needs. It is certainly a very worthy cause. I had to google the link to see where Schoeneck is. Lancaster County, PA. Please include the location(s) (City, State) in future articles? Also, it would be nice to see more pics of the delicious foods they make. That might bring a few more attendees…wink!