A disturbing story reported yesterday out of upstate New York:

TOWN OF DEKALB, N.Y. (WWNY) – State Police are investigating suspicious incidents just outside the St. Lawrence County village of Richville last Wednesday.

Troopers said a man and woman reportedly pulled into the driveway of an Amish household on Welch Road, where a sign was posted about rabbits for sale.

According to police, a 13 year old girl was outside the home and reported the man and woman inquired about the rabbits and then asked the child if she wanted to see a puppy in their car.

The girl told them she needed to get her parents. When the girl returned, the man and woman were gone.

Police said the same two people may have visited the home a second time later that same day.

The girl reported the man and woman inquired about rabbits and asked the child if her parents were home. When the girl said they were, the pair drove off.

The family reported the incidents to a neighbor, who called police.

The girl was only able to describe the couple as “a white man and woman who were driving a green car.” If you have information, please call State Police at 518-873-2776.

This story is especially chilling given the current ongoing Linda Stoltzfoos disappearance. But even moreso, when you consider another awful Amish abduction story which happened six years ago in this very same New York community.

There is likely a small segment of our readers located in the St. Lawrence County area. So this is something to be aware of if that describes you, and/or if you know Amish in the community. I imagine word has gotten around, given the Amish grapevine, and the fact that this settlement has already been through the trauma of a recent abduction.

This is the state’s second largest community, and the county has several more smaller communities to boot, which may or may not have ties and regular communication with the larger settlement. Therefore it’s an area ripe with opportunity if this pair is seeking Amish targets.

When I was growing up in the 1980s, we were hammered home the lesson to steer clear of strangers offering enticing gifts. Good that this girl knew to get away from this suspicious and likely ill-intentioned couple’s offer to “see a puppy in their car”.

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