Suspicious Couple Visit NY Amish Home, Attempt To Lure 13-Year-Old Girl Into Car

A disturbing story reported yesterday out of upstate New York:

TOWN OF DEKALB, N.Y. (WWNY) – State Police are investigating suspicious incidents just outside the St. Lawrence County village of Richville last Wednesday.

Troopers said a man and woman reportedly pulled into the driveway of an Amish household on Welch Road, where a sign was posted about rabbits for sale.

According to police, a 13 year old girl was outside the home and reported the man and woman inquired about the rabbits and then asked the child if she wanted to see a puppy in their car.

The girl told them she needed to get her parents. When the girl returned, the man and woman were gone.

Police said the same two people may have visited the home a second time later that same day.

The girl reported the man and woman inquired about rabbits and asked the child if her parents were home. When the girl said they were, the pair drove off.

The family reported the incidents to a neighbor, who called police.

The girl was only able to describe the couple as “a white man and woman who were driving a green car.” If you have information, please call State Police at 518-873-2776.

This story is especially chilling given the current ongoing Linda Stoltzfoos disappearance. But even moreso, when you consider another awful Amish abduction story which happened six years ago in this very same New York community.

There is likely a small segment of our readers located in the St. Lawrence County area. So this is something to be aware of if that describes you, and/or if you know Amish in the community. I imagine word has gotten around, given the Amish grapevine, and the fact that this settlement has already been through the trauma of a recent abduction.

This is the state’s second largest community, and the county has several more smaller communities to boot, which may or may not have ties and regular communication with the larger settlement. Therefore it’s an area ripe with opportunity if this pair is seeking Amish targets.

When I was growing up in the 1980s, we were hammered home the lesson to steer clear of strangers offering enticing gifts. Good that this girl knew to get away from this suspicious and likely ill-intentioned couple’s offer to “see a puppy in their car”.

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    1. Cheryl Miller

      Very scary

      This is extremely concerning. I worked at one time as a Social Worker investigating abuse and neglect cases. As part of my training, I went to an FBI session on child abductions, and the “puppy in the car” is one of the most common lures used by predators. I hope someone is spreading the word in the community about this. These people will not stop until they have abducted a child. What happens next will be horrific.

      1. Joseph Gilman

        Very Scary

        Perhaps when they are caught a hanging from the highest tree in the village would be in order.

        1. Karen Baker


          Unfortunately, a public hanging won’t prevent the next murder, rape, or child abuse. If capitol punishments had ever worked, this would be a vastly different world. As we’ve learned, capital punishment never works to prevent the next crime, not even by the same person. The purpose of the American penal system is to punish, by punishment, prevent further crime by others and the punished criminal, and to reform the criminal into a law abiding citizen. If our system worked, this system that does use executions, our prisons wouldn’t be overcrowded, and felonies categorized as capital crimes, would be nonexistent.

          1. Joseph Gilman

            Ms. Baker,
            Thank you for your reasoned response.
            I must disagree however, child abuse, kidnapping, sexual abuse cries out to heaven for justice.
            If we value the life of innocents, the guilty must pay.
            I understand and respect your opinion, I just disagree.
            How does the death penalty not prevent the next crime, even by the SAME PERSON? I don’tunderstand your thought process on that statement?

            1. Geo

              The next crime

              Agreed with J. Gilman. Capital punishment, once applied, positively prevents that perpetrator’s next crime. The problem with it as applied in this society is that the weight of it falls disproportionately on disadvantaged persons less able to defend themselves. The legal system being imperfect does convict innocent pesons. The finality of a death sentence denies the reality that humans and human institutions are flawed and capable of error. In theory, public hangings, floggings, immolation, etc., should serve as a deterrent for some, if not for all. The desire for justice does cry out for capital punishment but society’s inability to apply it evenhandedly and reliably, the fact that some perpetrators are not deterred, plus the potential for injustice all make it an inadequet medieval remedy.

          2. Debbie


            Karen: “Capital punishment never works… not even by the same person”. What? If someone were executed, it wood certainly work to stop that same person.
            Anyway, some of us believe in execution for horrific crimes, some of us do not. We have to live with that.

            1. Karen Baker


              Capital punishment doesn’t prevent the next person from committing a capital felony. Or the next, or the one after that, or the one after that. This is why executions are not a deterrent.

              1. Deb

                To Ms Baker & Geo:

                Capital punishment is not a remedy or a deterrent. It is a punishment. The Amish are against it. Most non Amish are for it, in horrific cases.

                1. Stephanie Berkey

                  6 Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man. ~ Genesis 9:6

                  16 And if he smite him with an instrument of iron, so that he die, he is a murderer: the murderer shall surely be put to death ~ Numbers 35:16

                  Capital punishment can save lives and deter some people from heading in that direction. There are clear cases where it is appropriate.

      2. Debbie

        Educate the children, Amish or not.

        Right. “You want some candy? ” is passé.

    2. Google user

      Please no mean replies

      Maybe the white couple was looking for a child to adopt where I’m from parents are not asked for consent to the adoption nor are they allowed to participate in choosing the adaptive parents or stay in touch with the child so perhaps this couple needs to be told that this is illegal in America i’m glad this child had the wisdom to not let a puppy be a lure for false love.

      1. Geo


        To be as kind as that posting allows, it is extremely naive and out of touch with the real world. That innocent interpretation is beyond preposterous. If that’s too mean I’m sorry but it is what it is.

        1. Reader


          With such a disrespectful attitude, I rather choose death than to trust in you. Just say the command and I’m at your disposal. Nothing else needs to be said.

          1. Anita

            Mark 8:36

            For what does it profit a person to gain the whole world and forfeit the Soul?

          2. Joseph Gilman

            What was disrespectful about Geos’ comment?
            Did I miss something?
            I think he was just pointing out how naive that statement was.
            If a stranger asked your child to come to his car to see a “puppy”, what would your reaction be?

    3. Maynard Meehan Moen

      Capital Punishment

      A case in Connecticut not so long ago:

      Two guys broke out of prison, watched a mother/daughter grocery shop and followed them to their home where they broke in. Long story short, they tied up and severely beat the father who was a doctor, had the mother go to the bank and withdraw money [holding the two daughters hostage, father in the basement wounded and bound].

      They ultimately raped and killed the mother and two teen age daughters. Then they set the house on fire. The doctor/father miraculously survived.

      Given the circustances, Ithe Doctor [who saves lives] just might have been relieved if the state executed these two criminals. What would execution accomplish? Peace of mind they will not escape again, to do what htey do best — prey on the innocent!

      Sadly they are on death row somewhere.

      1. Robin Rossi

        Know if this

        A horrific case. Agree with you. Those guys were barbarians. That doctor went threw hell. Imagine that happening to your family and you can’t do anything!

        1. Maynard

          Capital Punishment

          Robin, this was Doctor Petit and family – innocent, lovely family. There’s been a lot of these awful cases. A book, “In Cold Blood”, tells a similar story.

          Take this week, a thug in Florida committed the devil’s – killed three innocent men [for no reason] just about to start an early fishing day outing. One of the victims called his Father, and died in his arms. The shooter had in excess of 250 felonies and had been in prison twice!

          The Good Lord would not be happy with us. He expects us to help ourselves and others. All too many times these criminals play with the democratic system, and the results are the aforementioned.

          We, the God fearing, have a moral obligation to protect innocent children, women, and men in our society and around the world. There are some who intentionally do the devil’s work, and are at war with God and the fearing.

          Should some thug intentionally HUNT down the virtuous, that is indeed the devil’s work, and therefore should be considered war!

          1. Joseph Gilman

            Reply to Maynard


      2. Reader

        Woman to woman

        Mrs. Maynard, has your husband ever said that you are a difficult person to argue with? Do you use slangs or threats in your arguments such as: “the hill is slippery on both sides”. Or “for what’s it worth” or “I wouldn’t go there if I were you”. Do you know that your husband must make these kind of decisions every day?

        And you surely do not stay on topic of the discussion. Our concern for this 13 yrs old and the pre-accused couple has nothing to do with the case you have described from reading your horrific book. It frightens me that you would even read such a book.

        If your husband is a Police Officer, then please serve him nicely, solve home-keeping problems, give him a peaceful home, and be optimistic about humanity. Most importantly never take his love for granted.

        His career is difficult enough having to interact with mean-hearted individuals and solving horrific crimes. It takes an amazing person who is willing to walk into danger for the safety and survival of a stranger. MY SALUTE.

        1. Joseph Gilman

          You make an awful lot of assumptions about people in your word salad replies.
          I am trying very hard to understand the points you are trying to make, but I find it very difficult to understand what you are getting at.

          1. Reader

            Mr Joseph,

            “Word salad replies” that’s funny. You were being funny, right? People do say that I think like an “alien from out of space”. I’m often saddened that I do not think the way the average American woman thinks, yet God made me different for his divine purpose, if only I could figure out what my life purpose is. Perhaps I’m just the ultimate starving-for-conversation geek who hates computers.

            1. Joseph Gilman

              Yes, I was being funny and don’t ever be sad that you don’t think like the average woman…….or man for that matter!
              We need more people like you who think outside the box and make others think about their positions.
              Keep writing!

              1. Reader

                Mr Joseph

                Thank you for your encouraging words. I’ll thank God for you in my Gratitude Journal. Thinking outside the box is another topic of discussion. For now, let’s return to the topic of this post.

          2. Maynard

            Reader's assumptions are off


            AMEN to that!

        2. Alice

          Reader 'Woman to woman

          Mean comment, unnecessary.

          1. Reader

            My apologies

            My apologies if you feel this way. My only intention was to be helpful. Sometimes a woman can speak the truth better to a wife with words that a husband only wishes he could say without offending. My apologies to both husband and wife.

        3. Maynard

          Capital Punishment

          To “Reader”

          Not sure when gender entered into this, but I happen to be a male.

          Where are you coming from when you state: “Mrs. Maynard, has your husband ever said that you are a difficult person to argue with? Do you use slangs or threats in your arguments such as: “the hill is slippery on both sides”. Or “for what’s it worth” or “I wouldn’t go there if I were you”. Do you know that your husband must make these kind of decisions every day?” What are you talking about here?

          I quote you again;,”And you surely do not stay on topic of the discussion. Our concern for this 13 yrs old and the pre-accused couple has nothing to do with the case you have described from reading your horrific book. It frightens me that you would even read such a book.” Many criminal justice schools use these “horrific” book, along with others, in criminal justice classes – it’s about criminals preying on the innocent. You don’t understand that there is correlation to potential crime? Authorities were alerted to a couple attempting to lure a young girl into their car – as in warning and danger!

          I quote you again; “If your husband is a Police Officer, then please serve him nicely, solve home-keeping problems, give him a peaceful home, and be optimistic about humanity. Most importantly never take his love for granted….” Stop lecturing and your speculation is way off.

          1. Reader

            Apologies to Mr Maynard

            My apologies that I do not know the gender of a person by their name. And I never took any criminal justice classes, so I wouldn’t know how these classes are thought. I have formed my opinion about crime books from Philippians 4:8. I apologize if I offended you, please forgive me.

            1. Maynard

              To Reader


    4. Cheryl Miller

      Cycle of violence

      Capital punishment just supports and continues the cycle of violence. The Amish do not support or condone capital punishment.

      1. Maynard

        Capital Punishment


        This blog is Amish America, is about the Amish peoples, but I’m for certain most readers/responders are not Amish. While I respect the Amish, I am not Amish.

        These replies by readers are created from the article about “suspicious couple” attempting to lure an INNOCENT 13-year old Amish girl [who was on her parent’s farm property], into their car with promises of seeing a puppy. This awful despicable behavior is the devil’s work preyed upon the innocent. Same thing in the case of the Linda Stolzfoos case – innocent teen walking home from church accosted by a criminal.

        You are correct, the Amish do not condone capital punishment., and it is their right to have this opinion. They are also conscientious objectors, and it is their right to have this opinion as well.

        There is a caveat to passive science however, and the malefactor will strike again. And Our Lord would not view intentional harm bestowed on the innocent to be combated by passive over look. We have been given choice. To be passive to the calculated evil spirit[s] is a plain wrongdoing on the part of the God fearing. It is not right to stand by and do nothing, and wait for the devil to strike again. If I saw a couple blatant in their intention to lure a child, I should be passive and put the matter in God’s hands? This is not what God intended. The devil’s work needs direct and immediate interference. Apply that to life and we’d combat most plots directed against man.

        Again, we have a moral imperative to each other, to protect the innocent and upstanding. No criminal who has made the choice to harm the decent and law-abiding, and should know well he/she will be up against the consequence of bloodshed without recourse. It is after we, His children, do diligence against intentional harm of one another. After, God takes over.

        You see we are indeed our brother’s keepers!

      2. Stephanie Berkey

        If God says its OK, then it is. If he commands it, even more so. It is one way to protect children. Many killers don’t stop, and are let out of prison when they shouldn’t be, then do it again.

    5. Reader

      Reply to Mr. Joseph

      Mr. Geo responded to Google user’s comment as 1) preposterous implying that no benefit-of-doubt is accepted, thus he demands that his thinking is the only correct thoughts. Then Mr. Geo said that Google user is 2) naive and while this might be true, is it not a breath of fresh air to still think the best about a person, then the worst? This couple could truly be tender-hearted and happy about the puppy. Next, Mr. Geo implied 3) it is what it is. As to say that no forgiveness is granted. In short: Geo’s attitude is guilty until proven innocent, yet he will not extend the courtesy to allow innocence to be proven.

      1. Reader

        Comment continues to Mr Joseph

        Thus I must come to conclusions that Mr. Geo intentions were to insult, because the Bible teaches: 1) to speak only that what encourages 2) consider women as a weaker vessel 3) forgive others 4) give hospitality to sinners. A finale thought: I’m sure that Mr. Geo and his future wife will not allow “Cinderella” to the wedding. Thus please accept my Congratulations and best wishes for happiness from afar.

    6. MamaBear

      What no one is saying

      I think we need to be more worried about protecting our children from being taken in the first place than fighting with each other over what the punishment should be for the kidnappers. The sad reality is that people who participate in the sex trade (which is alive and well in this country) want children whom are compliant, who are less likely to fight back, who maybe can’t use technology (or are less likely to use it) to get help. Perhaps an Amish child fits their requirements-which is a sickening thought. People need to open their eyes to what horrors are happening in this world and educate children about them. It’s not enough to just say “don’t talk to strangers” anymore. Kids should learn why not (because there are really evil people out there) and what to do if they are grabbed (yell, fight, run, how to call 911 etc.).

      1. Stephanie Berkey


        Mama Bear,
        Prevention is a good point. When I was growing up, school and church had the police come and give us advice on being aware, avoiding bad situations, and basic defense tactics. Thank you for bringing up prevention.

    7. Google user

      Reply for Mama Bear

      Sex trade ~ your words ~ in America nonsense the only ppl I know in the sex industry are prostitutes who want to do that and be there and they been doing sex all their lives you can see that the way the woman wears her clothes and when cops put thoughts in kids minds and ask the kid about things the kid knows nothing about that’s just disgusting and destroying the child’s truth for the Social Workers prompting I’m just waiting to be accused being a rapist by a little grl after one of those question meetings and then have to prove that I’m a female and sometimes parents are coaching their kids just to get a pay out I don’t know the facts about this 13 yrs old grl but she was not kidnapped and the parents have a right to tell the cops if they are worried but we don’t have the right to lock this couple up and throw away the key when we don’t know the facts sometimes I really want to say *hut up sorry for being angry but it is what it is let’s stay to the facts what makes things worser is when id’s get stollen, lost, or destroyed or given to the wrong person then the prostitute can never get a job and is stuck with no where to go

      1. MamaBear


        Sorry, I guess I should not have said “sex trade” although what do you think they use the girls for??? They force them to trade sex for money and drugs. Some may chose to sell themselves while others are forced into it. Yes, ID theft is awful and I have had my social sec. number stolen which was a huge pain, but I am not sure what that has to do with this article or my comment???

      2. MamaBear

        I am not angry

        Also, I never said I was angry, I am not angry. And I agree with you, they didn’t do anything wrong at this point and don’t deserve to be punished at this point. That was part of my original post, why argue over their punishment when we just need to focus on protecting kids. Also, kidnapping and raping and killing a child is WORSE than ID theft, just so we are clear on that.

        1. Google user

          I didn’t say you were angry matter of fact I apologize for being angry mainly because I always feel misunderstood prostitution and identify theft is like salt and pepper to a pimp as seen on TV and I think every cop can add crimes to your list that minimizes identity theft all crimes against kids are horrific and I’m glad we agree on this what I’m confused about is your big pain should you go to the doctor or shopping I always opt for a nap when I’m hurting

          1. Mamabear


            I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and I am going to assume you are being literal and not sarcastic. By “pain” I was referring to the fact that when someone steals your personal information, getting your credit report and bank accounts straightened out is very time consuming and very stressful. I thought that was what you meant…anyway- Naps do help me though with pain and with stress and I hope you don’t suffer from either of those things (pain or stress) in your life. I wish you well!

            1. Google user

              I see you and I could become friends I’m mostly a very literally person sarcasm is seldom my thing best wishes to you too