Flasher Targeting Amish Women

There are sick individuals out there. This man needs to be caught so he will stop traumatizing his victims, and ultimately get some sort of help.

A flasher (or “indecent exposure suspect” in official parlance) is targeting Amish women in Juniata County, Pennsylvania:

According to police, a Fayette Township woman reported that on Nov. 1, 2019, a man pulled up in front of her home on Billyville Road in an older-model Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck shortly after 1 p.m.

At that point the man did what indecent exposure suspects do. More on the suspect:

The victim described the suspect as a man in his mid- to late-20’s, with a beard and mustache, according to police.

Police believe the man is only targeting members of the Amish community. There were at least two other reports of similar incidents in the area, police say.

Anyone with information is asked to contact State Police at (717) 320-1010.

If you are in this central PA area and that description rings a bell, you know who to call. Given those details, I expect this person will be caught soon.

Juniata County is home to a sizeable Amish community of nine church districts.

There are also many other Amish communities in the region within a short drive.

This is not the state’s first case of people targeting Amish in this way.

In 2014, two police officers in the New Wilmington area went undercover as Amish women to capture another indecent exposer.

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    1. Those English Perverts!

      The Amish women should all get together and agree to just point at the flashing pervert and laugh as hard as they can. It could serve as an embarrassment to him.

      Well! I’s worth a try, no?

    2. Carolyn B

      Ken Tibbetts, I agree with you. Perhaps the ladies can carry spray bottles of hot water, bleach, or ammonia to scare the idiot into staying clothed. This fool needs caught now as this kind of behavior can evolve into harming women physically.

      1. Hopefully they’ll be catching him soon. I didn’t think about where the behavior could go but maybe there is something to that, once a person has transgressed such a social norm. Something’s not right with this person.

    3. Kathy Henderson

      hate crime

      Great suggestions here, but this is a hate crime and should be treated as such. This man specifically chooses women he knows live conservative Christian lifestyles, and practice abstinence until marriage. He knows they’re not exposed to lascivious behavior or porn, and purposely tries to ruin that and cause harm.

      If someone did this to a group of muslim women. it would be considered hate. Christians deserve the same protections.

      1. I don’t really know what a hate crime is anymore, and not sure that would apply here; my impression when I read about these indecent exposure folks is that there is something wrong upstairs to lead to this behavior. That’s not excusing it and there may be something about the image of the Amish as “pure” which draws this type to them, but adding hate crime to it just seems to complicate what we used to simply call perverted behavior. Catch the guy and get him evaluated and charged.