Conflict over the SMV safety triangle, which has seen numerous Amish sent to jail in Kentucky, has ended.

Governor Steve Beshear signed Senate Bill 75 into law yesterday.  The new law allows reflective tape to be substituted for the Slow Moving Vehicle emblem.  Amish reaction from the AP story (no longer online):

Atlee Miller, an Amish farmer from Franklin, said he appreciates the help from the state’s politically powerful to provide an exemption, but he said the credit really goes to a higher power.

“The man above has got control,” Miller said. “We thank him most of all.”

Amish Buggy LanternBuggies of the most conservative Amish in Kentucky will be outlined (backs and sides) in white or silver reflective tape, and will carry tape on the front left corner.

They will also display lanterns in a staggered arrangement (one a foot higher than the other).  Amish had begun implementing the new standards even before the law was changed.

It would be interesting to see a study in five years on how this affects accident rates.

Amish buggy lantern photo credit: Tom

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