A ‘puppy mill’ returns in sheep’s clothing?

The Virginia Amish dog breeder whose kennel burnt down in March may just get another crack at his trade, the Roanoke Times reports.

Promising a new facility ‘with amenities that exceed U.S. Department of 43217_curious_pugAgriculture requirements for breeding operations’, the unlucky Amishman’s case for a ‘conditional use permit’ was passed on to the final-decision stage Monday by the Bland County planning comission.

This despite activists, some from as far away as Utah, opposing the attempt.

Among the potential upgrades, the owner promised outdoor run-space for his pugs, Yorkies and Chihuahuas.  “We’re just trying to make an honest living as God gives us the ability to do,” he explained.

The board of supervisors decides the matter later this month.  No word on how many out-of-staters are to attend.

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    1. Dave Carrig

      As you come into Lancaster from the east on HWY 30 you see a big bilboard with battered/abused puppies on it – with the inscription – “Stop Puppy Mills Now!”

      I have yet to see any such abuse first hand. Most of the Amish that engage in this business around here I would consider to be more breeders than running mills. In fact, just about every farm selling puppies here advertises AKC registration….

      I’m sure like everyone else – the Amish have their bad apples – but to blame the whole group for the mistakes of a few is wrong.

    2. Anti-Amish puppy mill activists

      I agree with you Dave, thanks for the comments.

      I always try to use ‘puppy mill’ in quotation marks to express my own reservations with the term. And bad apples is right–as I’ve written before I have met many breeders myself in Ohio and Indiana, and never saw anything like what the activists would have you believe is the norm.

      I sometimes wonder–as I’ve heard some Amish breeders do–if activists aren’t putting a whole lot of energy into something that has maybe been blown way out of proportion.

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