Runaway Buggy Caught On Camera…Unidentified Man Saves The Day

We’ve noted a lot of runaway Amish buggy stories over the years (most recently in upstate New York), but I don’t believe we’d seen actual video of one before. Until now. A clip shared on a story at the Edmonson Voice (Brownsville, KY) shows footage recorded by someone in a line of traffic behind the buggy. It also shows the bold soul who eventually brought the unmanned carriage to a halt.

You can see as it rumbles at a fast pace down the road, sometimes on the wrong side of traffic. Due to its format, I can’t embed the video here, but you can view it at the link, and screenshots below.

Luckily this unplanned journey ended with no injuries. From the story:

A confusing scene unfolded on Sunday evening in Windyville when an unmanned Amish-owned horse and buggy traveled a long distance, forcing cars off the road and other damage.

The Edmonson County Sheriff’s Office received a call for service around 5PM on June 18th for a runaway horse and buggy that was traveling on KY HWY 70 (Morgantown Road).

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the horse and buggy, owned by Isaac Stolzfus of Peace Valley in Brownsville, broke loose from being tied, made it to the highway, and traveled multiple roads, unmanned.

The buggy apparently traveled Indian Creek Road to HWY 259, then turned on Morgantown Road for a total of about 5 miles, traveling in both lanes of the highway.

The footage brings home the situation in a way that written stories do not. The horse appears scared and likely senses the fact that it has no driver behind it, which I would think would only add to its anxiety. At the end of the video, you catch a brief view of a person in the road, arms spread wide and with a vehicle parked behind him, attempting to slow down or re-route the buggy.

Right after that it takes a sharp right turn off the main road, apparently down someone’s driveway, according to the story. Along the way it caused what sounds like relatively minor damage to a vehicle and some outdoor furniture at the home where it finally came to a stop.

Five miles at the pace this horse was going had to be pretty tiring. Still not nearly as far as one runaway horse traveled in Ohio back in 2017. In any case, nice work by whoever that was in the road. Someone should bake that guy a pie.

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