For the past several days I have been checking news sources regularly hoping for a miracle. But after the child wasn’t found the first evening, it was harder and harder to see a happy outcome for that one unaccounted-for girl or boy. I was really hoping not to see this…but the sad news finally broke a few hours ago.

The fifth child lost in Wednesday’s high-water buggy accident was found this morning (Saturday) at around 11:20 AM:

PEASTICKS, Ky. (WKYT) – The tragic story of an Amish family has grown even more heartbreaking after the last of the five children swept away in a buggy earlier this week has been found dead.

The child was found at about 11:20 a.m. on Saturday.

In a Facebook post, Bath County Judge-Executive Bobby Rogers wrote, “All Search and Rescue crews are safe, and will be leaving the area now that their mission is done. Please continue to pray for the family. I for one appreciate all efforts made, along with those volunteering to recover this child.”

Image: WKYT/Nick Oliver

This tragic accident echoes another that befell Amish on the other side of the state, nine years ago. In that 2011 incident in Graves County, a buggy tipped over in a flooded creek, costing four children their lives.

The five children who died in Bath County were from a family of 11 children. The mother was the one driving the buggy when the accident happened. Hard to imagine what she must be going through. Prayers for this family and community.

Update: The children were ages 1 to 12 years old. A local priest is paying for the funeral expenses. The family passed on their appreciation during the search efforts, which county official Bobby Rogers shared:

“I’ve been in regular contact with the family since the accident occurred, and they would like for me to pass on their appreciation and gratefulness for the outpouring of support and prayers they have, and will be receiving in the days ahead,” Rogers said in a Facebook post Thursday.

The county coroner also passed on this for anyone wishing to reach out:

Anyone who wants to donate to the Hochstetlers can send donations to the funeral home, and the funeral home will give contributions directly to the family, Owens said. Those interested can contact the funeral home at, or call (606) 784-4134.

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