Four Killed & Four Injured In Lancaster County Dump Truck/Buggy Collision

Some terrible news out of Lancaster County this morning:

A crash between a horse and buggy and a dump truck killed four people and injured four others Monday morning, Pennsylvania state police said. The crash happened about 6 miles south of Quarryville, in Lancaster County, shortly before 8 a.m., according to state police Trooper Kelly Osborne.

Images in the video below show the destroyed buggy, and the dump truck. Another photo from the scene, via William Seiders, shows the wet weather conditions:

WGAL reports that three of those killed were children, two girls and one boy. Others were transported to the hospital. No names have been released.

It was reported in September that Lancaster County had had a decrease in the number of fatal buggy accidents over the previous decade. Lancaster Online states that this morning’s accident “appears to be the worst here since 2010. In 2010, a minivan collided with three motorcycles in Penn Township in June, killing five riders.”

Prayers for the families and all involved.

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    1. Prayers

      May the good Lord help the family deal with such a loss. Prayers for them and the injured make a complete recovery. Such a sad time for the community.

    2. Fatal Accident

      My prayers go out to the family & community during this tragic time. Stories like this remind us that while we may have troubles & problems of our own, they pale in comparison to the loss of a child. Happening so close to Christmas makes it even more horrific.


      2/3 Responsibility

      I am not a know-it-all or even the wisest man on my block, but I’m sorry, I am tired of seeing trucks, especially dump trucks, barreling down the road with little chance of stopping, missing an object, or even “CARING WHAT COULD HAPPEN.” My many visits to Amish communities have been most enjoyable. I both LOVE and RESPECT how the settlements continue their precious lifestyle and a sense of purpose amidst the fast-paced 21st Century is amazing and MUST be respected by all, even truck drivers big and small.
      That’s why my personal judgment is that the truck driver was two-thirds or more responsible for this accident. Sorry for the families involved, but if there is a GOD, let such a traumatic incident never happen to such innocent human beings and believers! Thanks for listening!

      1. Nell B

        Please don't pre-judge

        According to the Pennsylvania State Police the buggy failed to stop at a posted intersection and pulled out onto the highway in front of the truck.
        I don’t know the specific driver, but the men who drive for that local family-owned company are careful and caring. I’m sure they’re devastated.
        Please don’t add to their sorrow with harsh comments not based on fact.

        1. Thumbs up to your comment, Nell. I posted this the following day:

      2. Susan


        I was assuming the truck driver was at fault. But according to the Philadelphia Inquirer The buggy driver failed to stop at a stop sign and went into an intersection, where the truck hit the buggy on the passenger side, police said. There were seven in the buggy and they were all minors.

        1. Doc Kozlowski

          Dump Truck/Buggy Collision

          Sometimes our Amish neighbors exist in a world that we don’t understand. When you live in a farming community, you must always watch out for, and yield to, farm traffic. Whether it be an old black buggy drawn by a horse or a brand new 2020 combine. We must always watch out for farm traffic and yield to such…

    4. Mary Fineagan

      So Sorry. Please slow down, the buggies are carrying precious cargo.

      My heart & prayers to the families.

      Mary Fineagan
      Forest Hill, MD

    5. June

      Prayers for the families. This is such a sad tragedy for all involved. If there can be any consolation it is that God had His hand on their lives. He knows the very day and hour- He welcomed them into his Kingdom. For the driver of the truck, His life is for every changed. Guilt for surviving. It is a sad heartache for many people. May God gently provide the comfort needed through His Word. May the community come together at this time.

    6. Doc Kozlowski

      This sad event is so troubling

      I’m not Amish but I love and respect the community. Whether folks be Amish or not, I drive with great caution. If you drive, especially in a farming community, you must do so with great caution. A slow cautious pace is far better than a hasty tragedy. God bless…!

    7. Penny L. Ray


      Such heartbreaking news to read this article. Certainly, we will be holding the loved ones and this entire family ip in our prayers.
      No matter what we assume as to fault, we need to pray for all involved and hope the survivors heal with God’s caring hands upon them.
      With love in Christ
      Sister Penny

    8. Sonjia Brown

      I don’t live in that county nor in that state I am in Ohio and there is nothing more relaxing then going through Amish town for just a nice slow day. I have enjoyed the Amish community since I was a child I even wrote a book report on them. I am ever so sorry for the loss of those poor little children that the Lord takes the young as well as the old I’m sure he has a purpose for all of us someday they will all be reunited. God bless you and give you comfort.

    9. Pamela

      Buggy and Dump Truck Collision

      This is so sad! Regardless of whoever the police
      determine to be at fault this is a great tragedy for
      all right involved. I hope the community of Amish
      and English might work together to see if there are
      ways to make buggy travel safer for those who use
      this form of transportation. My heart and prayers
      go out to all who have been effected by this
      terrible tragedy.

    10. I am very sad to know about the accident. This is pathetic news four killed & four injured In Lancaster County dump truck/buggy collision. We expect so early all of the injured come round.