We have a look inside a less commonly-seen home today – an Amish log home. It’s not that often that you find Amish families living in log homes. I’ve only come across them on occasion, though they might be more popular in certain settlements.

This one is found in the Bonduel, Wisconsin community. The settlement is three churches in size, and lies in Shawano County, about a half-hour drive from Green Bay.

This is a small home, with a single bedroom and one bathroom, and just 1,020 square feet. By that fact, and the photos below, you can tell it is a young family that was living here.

The online listing is several years old, dating to 2017. I would imagine the young couple with at least two children were on the verge of outgrowing this starter home, and sought a larger place. Here are some details from the listing:

Home has no electricity but does have a septic holding tank and drilled well. Property is currently heated by a coal fireplace. Beautiful woodwork throughout, spacious living room with access to the front deck. Large shed/garage and a couple storage buildings.

So you’ll see this home doesn’t look classically Amish on first glance. But as you look at the photos you’ll catch Amish elements. What can you make out in these photos?

For example this first photo of the living room doesn’t look immediately “Amish.”

However, you can see a sizeable skylight letting in bright rays. Also, linoleum style flooring. Both of those are common features in Amish homes.

Next, from another angle we see a cozy-looking recliner in the same room.

The recliner and the outdoorsy decor do feel Amish. There is what looks like a musical clock hanging on the wall. Also, lines hung with greeting or holiday or birthday cards, something you often see in Amish homes.

And, there are actually three types of lighting in this shot. Can you spot them all?

You have the gas fixture. Hanging from it is a Dewalt battery light. And then there are what look like old-fashioned  style lanterns. Are those more decorative, or actually used by this family?

Here’s another angle of the living room.

A stove, an Amishman’s hat and other garb by the wall, and more Amish style furniture. Wildlife/nature scene calendars, and deer mounts suggesting a hunter lives here, complete the picture.

Now a look at the solitary bedroom.

The rustic log theme is seen with the beds and furniture here. Bunks for small children.

In the photo above you can also see in the foreground a glass lampshade in a style favored in Amish homes. Here’s a wide array of similar shades in an Ohio Amish store:

amish lamp shades

Here’s the kitchen. It’s fairly “modern” by Amish standards, with what is probably a propane or natural gas-powered refrigerator. Unlike some other Amish homes we’ve looked at lately, there is running water in this home, and other elements you’d typically see in a non-Amish place’s kitchen. Bulky rustic bar stools continue the log cabin furniture element.

Oh yea, and you’ve got a deer in here too.

I’m not sure how I’d feel about the deer watching over me as I eat breakfast every morning. But to each his own.

Here’s a wringer washer and water heater, in what appears to be the utility room.

I don’t usually post pictures of toilets, but I thought I’d show you the lighting setup in the bathroom. You can also notice the framed picture decor.

Back outside, here’s a better view of the front porch. Looks like a great place to plop down on a cool spring day.

Garage and swing.

The buggy and other wheeled vehicles in the garage.

Vegetable garden.

This looks like the family phone shack. In some places, individual homes have a phone shack, while in others, they are shared. They may be near the home, or out at the end of the lane.

Fire pit.

And one last view through the trees.

I hope you liked this look at an Amish log cabin home. I can’t say it’s my favorite style, but it seems like a cozy place to spend a cold Wisconsin winter. The home, on a 3-acre lot, was priced at $110,000 in 2017.

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