What do you find on the walls of Amish homes?  As we discussed in a previous post on Amish wall decor, these items tend toward the practical–things like decorative calendars or zip code charts.

Even the ostensibly “non-practical” pieces are practical in their own, higher-purpose way–a framed inspirational saying or Biblical verse, for example, daily reminders of where to set one’s heart and head.

One item with an indisputably useful function is the wall clock.  Popular in Amish homes are the musical animated timekeepers, with their elaborate mechanics revealed on the ringing of the hour.

Amish Musical Clock

A typical musical clock found in Amish homes

I can’t recall what this one in Mark Curtis’ home chimes, nor did I witness what exactly the mechanism does when the long hand points due north, but if you’ve seen how these work, you can imagine.

Mark’s clock has something to tell you besides the time.

Amish Clock Inscription Psalm 90

An inscription to remember. Number the days…

Extra credit if you know where this comes from without checking.

Have you ever seen one of these clocks in action?  What else have you noticed on the walls of Amish homes you’ve been in?


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