If you drove by this home and this is what you saw, would you think it was Amish?

How about if you drove down the lane and came upon this view?

This home in the New Wilmington Amish community is described at its realtor.com listing as “English built – Amish Owned”. From both the outside and inside, many elements show us that this was not originally an Amish home. Next to nothing in the above photos suggests “Amish” (perhaps the absence of satellite dishes or visible electric lines might be the only thing). But those Amish who converted it added plenty inside the home to make it “Amish-friendly”, as we can see in today’s photo set.

The listing description gives details of interest:

3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. Family room on the lower level and plenty of storage. Hardwood floors throughout the home. Home is heated with wood or coal in the included wood stove. Option also for oil heat. There is a porch and patio that will make enjoying the wooded view a pleasure. A cinder block barn with horse stalls and shed make storing your equipment a breeze. Integral garage with included opener.

And especially:

The house has electric throughout most of the home, except for two rooms, and there is plumbing throughout the home. Running water through the home currently via small gas motor to pump. These amenities were not being used. The bathrooms will need final touches.

The electric installation was left in when purchased by the Amish owners. The two rooms which don’t have electric perhaps were additions? There is also plumbing in the home. But we learn that “these amenities were not being used”. Bathrooms require “final touches”, though no photos of those bathrooms are included. Here you can see an electrical outlet and water pipes:

Another angle on the kitchen showing the sink better.

Cozy living area.

Heating stove with a full bucket of coal ready to go.

I suspect this could be one of the possible addition rooms, going by its feel. What do you think?

Two of the bedrooms. Nice quilts. I’m partial to the purple and blue tones in Amish quilts and fabrics.

Mini trampoline below the crib.

Let’s have a look downstairs in the basement.

Characteristic light greenish-blue tones show up in some furniture pieces in this home. You can see similar-colored cabinetry in this New Wilmington “granddaughter” settlement home.

And outside again, showing the lot:

And horse barn. The price of this English-built, Amish-converted ranch home?

While the listed estimate today is much higher, it was sold in October 2020 for just $65,000.

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