Today’s look inside an Amish home comes from Mecosta County, Michigan. This is clearly a plainer Amish dwelling, especially compared to the Kentucky home we saw last week.

This farmhouse (listed on Landflip) is set on a large-by-Amish-standards plot of land – 170 acres.

There are numerous outbuildings, barns, and even a guest house on this property.


Taking a look inside, let’s start again with the kitchen.

No running water here, like in the New York Amish home we looked at a couple of months ago.

Bucket in the sink.

The kitchen table and dining area.

Notice the kerosene lamp. No propane light fixtures, and definitely no batteries or inverters, to be found here.

The cast iron stove is common in plainer homes.

The other rooms also have a quite plain appearance.

You tend to see hickory rockers – often with some sort of covering giving additional comfort – in living rooms in plainer homes.

Less-plain Amish homes often have conventional La-Z-Boy style recliners.

This looks like the “business corner” of this Amish home. What is that thick-looking book?

The bedrooms.

This might be the parents’ room, with the small bunks for younger children. Or, it might be just a room for multiple children.

The home actually has 7 bedrooms total.

I think about the only people constructing homes with seven bedrooms nowadays are plain groups like the Amish and people building mansions.

It appears this property was sold about two years ago.

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