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…or read on to learn about one Amish business’s clever recipe giveaways (plus Amish takes on Tomato Gravy, KFC Cole Slaw, and Grape Nuts).

This summer I visited R and E sales, a large bulk food store in the Amish community at Adams County, Indiana.

R and E is using a clever way to market their business.  Near the cash register they have stacks of free recipes printed out on multicolored paper.  At the bottom of each page they include their name, address and business hours.

I grabbed a bunch of them and thought I’d share a recipe or two while giving R and E a little plug here.  When I eat at KFC, the cole slaw is about the best thing going, so how about this one:


1 head shredded cabbage

2 shredded carrots


2/3 cup sugar             1/2 cup Salad dressing

1/8 tsp. pepper          1/4 cup buttermilk

1/2 tsp. salt                1 1/2 T. White vinegar

1/4 cup milk              2 1/2 T. Lemon juice

Mix together and store in fridge at least 2 hours before serving.

amish recipe sheets

How about one more?  For breakfast with Amish friends, I often have home-made Grape Nuts.  Here’s the recipe for the R and E version:


4 2/3 cups graham flour, 1 1/3 cups sugar, 1 1/3 t. soda, 2 2/3 cups milk

Mix together + bake at 350 degrees in cake pan.  Slice thin while hot + spread with butter or eat like a cake.

And this one was so unusual, I had to share it:


Melt stick butter and 3/4 c. flour.  Then heat 1 pt. Tomatoe juice + 1 pt. water with it.  Season with salt, pepper + a little sugar.  Use with Pancakes instead of syrup.

“Use with Pancakes…”?!  Wow, not what I’d have expected.  If anyone tries it, let us know what you think.

amish bulk food indiana

The Adams County community is the fifth largest of all Amish settlements.  Adams County is a much plainer settlement than the Elkhart/Lagrange group or even the nearby related Allen County community.

berne indiana clock towerThe town of Berne is at the heart of the settlement. It seems to be a pretty place, and plays up its Swiss heritage.  They’ve got a nice new clock tower in the center of town.

Despite its population of over 7,000 Amish, Adams County is not really a big tourist destination.  There is a campground-type resort just outside of Berne called Amishville, but as far as I could tell the main connection they have with the Amish is their proximity.

If you’re in the area, though, there are a number of Amish dry goods and food stores.  If you’d like to drop in at R and E, here’s the address:

R and E sales

825 E 200 S

Monroe, IN 46772

Hope you enjoy the recipes.  And here’s an idea–if anyone has other favorite, or unusual, Amish/PA Dutch recipes, feel free to share in the comments. Maybe someone will find a new favorite?


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