Roselen’s Coffee & Delights
1045 E Columbia St
Arthur, IL 61911
(217) 543-3106

In last Friday’s brain dump I mentioned Roselen’s Coffees and Delights, a drive-thru coffee shop in the Arthur, Illinois Amish community.

Roselen’s is operated by Amish sisters Rose Plank and Lena Otto. ย I guess we can figure out where the shop’s name comes from (but why did poor Lena have to lose her “a”?).

Alice Aber has shared some photos of Roselen’s, which she visited this past week.

roselens amish coffee arthur illinois

Alice says she told them about last week’s blog post on the shop, after which “they beamed from ear to ear”. ย She also had a chance to drop by Beachy’s Bulk Foods and Yoder’s Restaurant while in the Arthur community.

Anyway, enjoy a few shots of Roselen’s and the Arthur Amish settlement, courtesy of Alice. ย And enjoy your leftover turkey!

roselens amish coffee inside

Behind the counter at Roselen’s

roselens amish coffee interior

Grabbing a seat

roselens arthur illinois amish buggy

Heading to Roselen’s?

roselens illinois amish farms

Happy Turkey Day/Black Friday

Roselen’s is just one example of a local Amish business. The Arthur settlement is highly entrepreneurial.

Amish businesses in the Arthur area range from dry goods shops to metal workers to engine repair. But above all the most heavily-represented enterprise among local Amish is woodworking.

If you’d like to visit Roselen’s for a cup of joe or other treat, here’s what you need to know:

Roselen’s Coffee & Delights
1045 E Columbia St
Arthur, IL 61911
(217) 543-3106

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