Bill Coleman Amish Photos

Today: a few Amish photos from Bill Coleman.
Bill has been photographing the Amish for many years, and is the author of The Gift of Friendship and The Gift to be Simple, both featuring photos of Amish children.


Find more of Bill’s work here.

And thanks to Bill for sharing the wonderful pictures.

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    1. Those are wonderful. My thanks to you and to Bill.

    2. They are great shots. Looking through Bill’s site I am consistently amazed by his photos. A definite favorite.

    3. Help to reach Randall Persing

      I’m trying to reach Randall Persing. Do you have his contact information? I have tried calling him at 717-250-5575, but have not gotten a call back.
      He had given me permission to use and reuse his picture “collective effort,” and I wanted to reach him about that picture. It is so wonderful.