This is an accident the media will call “freak”, and Amish will simply call God’s will.

Yesterday an Amish woman picking berries in Pennsylvania woods was struck by lightning as she sheltered under a pine tree.

Yesterday was also the woman’s due date; the baby she was carrying died with her.  The woman’s husband and two children, who took shelter under a different tree, were not hit.  The accident happened in Somerset County, near the town of Garrett.

This is also a reminder of the danger of thunderstorms:

An average of 54 people are killed by lightning every year in the United States, according to the weather service. There have been 16 such deaths so far in 2012, not including Yoder’s. Hers was the first this year in Pennsylvania.

During a storm, the weather service urges people to run to a safe building or a vehicle. While there is no safe place outside during a thunderstorm, people who are stuck outside should avoid open fields, hilltops, isolated trees, tall objects, water, wet items and metal objects.

“Generally you want to stay away from tall objects, because lightning usually tries to strike the highest or tallest object in an area,” Evanego said. “So if you’re under a tree, that tree is kind of a magnet.”

Hopefully God’s will also helps ease the family’s pain at this great loss.

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