I hadn’t seen a story like this before.

On Saturday night, a likely-impaired driver struck an Amish buggy in Ethridge, Tennessee.

The crash sent a baby and her parents to the hospital.

The baby was treated and released. But the parents remain in Nashville.

This has left the little girl in a difficult situation. And the community has stepped up.

I’m not sure if these are Amish or non-Amish mothers (or both), as it’s not said.

From Fox 17 Nashville:

Parents Henry and Caroline Gingerich from Ethridge were airlifted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where they remain in stable condition. Their child was treated and released, returning to Lawrence County.

Without its mother, the baby girl was not responding well to formula. Unsure of what to do, the family reached out to the midwife that helped bring the baby girl into the world back in September.

Certified Professional Midwife Stacie Smith-Hunt of Lawrence County jumped into action, asking mothers in the community for breast milk donations.

Local moms did their part:

Not only did they answer the call for help, the Lawrence County mothers gave nearly 1,500 oz. of breast milk within just 24 hours.

”I had no doubt that these women would be more than willing to help. We have a very strong and supportive homebirth and breastfeeding community,” Smith-Hunt said. “But I am in awe at how quickly they responded and how generous they have been.”

So far at least 13 mothers have donated, but so many more have asked what they can do.

“Lots of prayers,” Smith-Hunt replied. “We are also still taking donations for milk and storing it for them for long term future use.”

Looks like the baby will be covered. Nice response!

Highway 43 & Buggy Visibility

I made two visits to this community last week. I was actually there Saturday evening, leaving some hours before the accident occurred.

Here’s a buggy traveling down Highway 43, the road where the accident occurred.

It’s a busy 4-lane highway, though there is a buggy-sized shoulder. The speed limit is 45 mph.

To be more visible, Amish buggies in the area are now carrying sections of PVC pipe, covered with reflective tape.

These are attached to the outside of one wheel. They create an oscillating effect as the wheel turns.

Here’s a grainy image of what it looks like:

I find it quite attention-getting at night.

But that wasn’t enough to protect this family.

Kudos to the local moms who’ve helped this Amish baby, as she waits for her own mother to return home.

Update (Feb. 6)

WKRN has put out a video report filling out more details:

Looks like this was an English initiative promoted through social media networks, with response coming from as far away as NY. Great job and nice to see when English and Amish communities come together for positive things like this.

The baby’s parents, Henry and Caroline Gingerich (24 and 23 years old respectively) continue to recover in the hospital.

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