We recently looked at how Amish use turbines to harness the wind and create power.  But what about when they need to do the reverse–generate a little wind of their own, say to keep cool in the hot summer months (remember those)?

You may have seen Amish-engineered ceiling fans before.  They are common in Amish shops.  You can see one in action here, driven by pneumatic power.

The photo below was taken at an Amish store in the Wayne County, Indiana Amish settlement.  If you compare it to the one at the link, you’ll notice this fan seems to have a bit of a twist to it.  Can you tell what is going on here?


I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. Wishing you good things in 2013, and a fresh start for anyone who could use one.  And many thanks to all readers for making 2012 a great year at Amish America–you are appreciated 🙂

Amish fan: Mark Stosberg/flickr


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