Autumn Amish Videos: Apple-Picking & Sunday Morning

Two nice videos for you as we move into autumn, both by the 717 Drone Guys. First is this video from Kissel Hill Fruit Farm showing an Amishman picking apples to sell at the business. There is something about the crisp taste of a juicy apple on an autumn day and this video really makes me crave a crunchy Gala or Granny Smith. The Smucker family say that this crop was the best they’d ever had. At the end, a four-legged friend gets a treat.

You may recall previous videos we’ve seen from this same business – showing a peach harvest and barbeque Saturday.

Next, a drone video taken soaring over Lancaster County Amish farms on a Sunday morning. You can see a shot of a quarry which looks to me to be the one on Quarry Road outside Leola, if you’re familiar with the area. I’ve never seen that view (obviously) or ever really seen how large the quarry is, since it’s not really visible from the road.

Also, it’s not immediately noticeable as the drone drifts along, but at one point the footage is sped up (you’ll notice as you see a buggy race by at warp speed). Being Sunday morning, I tried to spot any signs of a church service taking place, but did not catch anything. Enjoy:

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    1. Maureen Salinas


      See how our Lord God blesses us with bountiful harvests.

      I love the horsey enjoying the apple. Wish it was me taking a nibble.

      1. That was fun to see at the end.

    2. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    3. Pat Monti

      Thanks for sharing!

      Thanks for sharing! These are 2 great videos/audios.

      The Amish in our area (central, IL) make the absolute best apple cider!!! It’s difficult to not drink too much at one time. In my case there’s definitely such a thing as too much at one time-hahaha!

      1. That sounds great. Pumpkins get all the glory for being the fruit of fall but for me apples are in the same boat. Good cider is a treat.