Pennsylvania peach season is just getting into full swing. This is a nice simple video of an Amish family bringing in a haul of peaches, to be sold at their farm market.

In the video we see two children and presumably their father gathering peaches and moving them around in a horse-drawn wagon. The man uses a handy harness and box to collect the fruit. I assume this is the Smucker family (more below).

The peaches are destined for the Kissel Hill Fruit Farm, near Lititz. I don’t believe I’ve been there, or at least not recently. The business has some sophisticated marketing for an Amish fruit and food market. The video is really well-produced, made by the 717 Drone Guys. You can see the drone is used for some low-flying shots for nice effect.

Looking online I see a number of positive reviews. They even have a pretty snazzy website for the business. On the “About” page we learn:

Kissel Hill Fruit Farm has some of the best orchard-growing soils in Lancaster County, PA area. Since they purchased the farm back in 2008, the Smucker Family has been committed to reviving and expanding this long-standing, fully functioning farm.

After clearing out non-producing trees, we planted over 8,000 new fruit trees over the past five years. Additionally, we committed to the latest integrated pest management practices to monitor bugs, insects, and other pests in our orchards.

Here’s the address if you’d like to pay a visit:

Kissel Hill Fruit Farm
2101 Kissel Hill Rd.
Lititz, PA 17543

Lititz is in the north of Lancaster County and outside the most heavily-Amish areas. But it could make a nice stop if you want a destination outside the Bird-in-Hand-Intercourse-Strasburg heart of the community.

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