An Up-Close Look At An Amish Food Business (Drone Video)

How about another drone video to finish out the week. This one is quite different from the last one by the 717 Drone Guys, which gave us soaring views over Lancaster County Amish farms.

In this video they are back at Kissel Hill Fruit Farm – showing some human-level views of the Amish business’ Saturday chicken barbecue event.

We usually see drones recording from up high, but in this one the drone is down low. Of course it’s possible at least some of these shots could have been made by a hand-held camera, but given the theme of this YouTube channel, I think probably not.

We also see the homemade ice cream operation. This is the kind of video that makes me miss Lancaster County and Amish food and events in general.

If you’d like to try the chicken, which is apparently very good, here’s some info on it from their website. Looks like you’ve got about a three-to-four-hour window on Saturdays to get it:

From the last week of April until the end of October, Saturdays are special days at Kissel Hill Fruit Farm. That’s when we start selling our famous BBQ chicken at 10 am, and we don’t stop until they’re all gone, which is usually between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. If you don’t get here quickly enough, you just don’t get any!

Part of what makes our BBQ so great is the secret recipe of our sauce. It’s even better when you wash it all down with some of our homemade root beer!

And here’s a Trip Advisor review from someone who went last week:

We came with a large group of friends to try out their chicken! The hosts were very friendly and we had the green space to ourselves. Not only did we have a nice area to enjoy the food, but there are also sinks and soap available. The chicken and corn were very tasty!

In the second half of the video, the drone then flies inside the business (?) for a look around.

This is basically a creative, dynamic commercial for this Amish family’s food enterprise. And, I think, effective. It sure makes me want to pay them a visit on a Saturday.

It also shows us how some Amish people are quite comfortable with the camera, and in the right circumstances even invite filming.

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