Amish Youth Sing “Sometime” (Video)

How about another Amish singing video? This is another beautiful one from P. Thomas, from several months back, recorded with a number of other hymns. The venue is a New Order Amish youth group singing (likely in Ohio). New Order Amish tend to be more open when it comes to cameras, so we’ve seen a good number of recordings from them.

Like others we’ve heard, this one is an English-language hymn, and is sung in multiple parts. This type of singing would differ greatly from the singing done in church from the Ausbund hymnal (here’s one example of Amish church singing for comparison). In their singings, some Amish youth groups will sing both German and English-language hymns.

One non-musical thing of note: You will notice in the video that one of the fellows in the foreground has a beard. Beards are typically associated with marriage. However that’s not how all Amish do it. Some Amish groups begin growing beards at different points in their lives, including at baptism. In this group, the men also generally sport shorter, more closely-cropped hair.

The hymn dates to 1954, and was authored by one J.B. Coats, who was a public school teacher from Mississippi. Here are the lyrics to “Sometime” via, followed by the video below:


1 This life is hard to understand,
The way is narrow and steep;
But God is on the mountain top,
So I’ll just travel and weep.

Yes, sometime we’ll meet again to part no more, nevermore,
Sometimes there will be no goodbye;
Not far away on heaven’s shore,
No heartbreak will cause me to cry;
Again we’ll be together to live and sing forever,
A song that’s sweeter far than we know;
We’ll understand ev’rything each mystery will be plain,
That causes heartache, heartache below.

2 There is a land as bright as day,
‘Tis waiting not far ahead;
But I must lose this flesh and blood,
I look for death without dread. [Refrain]

3 My sorrow, then, is sweet to me,
If for Christ’s sake on I go;
But when I lose a precious friend,
It causes teardrops to flow. [Refrain]

Beautiful singing as is typical. If you liked this song, check out other New Order Amish youth singing, including “I’m on the Winning Side” and also this collection of four hymns sung by youth from the Walnut Creek area of Holmes County, Ohio.

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    1. Name of Hymnbook

      Do you know the name of the hymnbook pictured showing the Sometime hymn? Thanks.

    2. erick

      God is!

      I have always admired the plain people. From my childhood vacations to gawk at and photograph the God fearing people of “Amish country” in Lancaster Pa. I have matured and grown to respect their privacy. I pray that we all may learn from and respect them, and take life a little slower. They are truly representatives of our Lord.
      Thank you for sharing about them.

    3. Jerry


      I was reading the lyrics and noticed line five of the refrain might be missing a “g”. LOL
      I did indeed enjoy the post.

      1. Erik Wesner

        Ah, thanks Jerry! Yea I would think so. Fixed it.

    4. Mary M

      Youth singing

      It’s always interesting reading your take on the Amish. I like to compare my own personal expeience living Amish and your respectful, informative articles.

    5. Tom Bontempo

      Amishman for U.S. President?

      What about electing a Amishman as a U.S. President?

      It would be a more peaceful world!

      Who would that person be?