This is a third Amish singing clip recorded by Phil Sarlo, following three Amish teens singing “The Whippoorwill Song” and Amish schoolchildren singing “The Ninety-Nine”.

We have a much larger collection of singers this time – a New Order Amish youth group in the Walnut Creek area of Ohio.

There are four songs in this clip, with some really beautiful harmonizing. These are the songs:

1. O Happy Day
2. Just A Little Talk With Jesus
3. Meet You In The Morning
4. Unidentified (“Roses Never Die”)

As you notice these are all English-language songs. I don’t know the custom in this particular group, but youth often sing a mix of both English and German songs. On the other hand, at a Lancaster Amish youth singing I attended, all songs were in German.

While Amish in church primarily sing from the Ausbund hymnal, this shows you the mix of sources Amish singers draw upon in other settings.

Page scan from Old Fashioned Gospel Songs No. 1

“O Happy Day” is attributed to Philip Doddridge, an English Nonconformist minister and hymnwriter living in the 1700s. “Just A Little Talk With Jesus” was written by Black Baptist pastor Cleavant Derricks in 1937. Prolific Southern Gospel composer Albert E. Brumley penned “Meet You In The Morning,” also in the 1930s.

The final song I was not able to identify online, but I called it “Roses Never Die” for the purposes of this list.

I’m curious is someone out there recognizes it. Here are some of the lyrics, as I was able to make them out:

Where there never is a sigh
Children never cry
Roses never die
Nothing goes wrong

We will sing forever there where everything is right…

The clip is nearly 11 minutes long. It makes some excellent background music to leave on as you do some chores or whatever hunkered down at home. I hope you find it as uplifting as I did.

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