Tom continues his New York Amish coverage with some photos of an Amish maple syrup operation in the Randolph, NY area (Conewango Valley Amish community).

Amish Maple Syrup


Maple Syrup Evaporator

Says Tom: “I have been in the sugar shack when Eli’s kids and grands are watching and the women are making pancakes and drawing hot syrup out of the pan to pour on the pancakes.  The hard work does have a sweet reward.”

Amish Maple Syrup Production


Tapping Trees Maple Syrup

Tapping trees.  Tom notes that “The maple season is going to be strange this year due to our not having a normal cold winter.  The sap is already starting to rise.”

Maple Syrup Sap

A couple days ago Richard introduced the “art of canning”.  Maple syrup has always seemed to have something of an art about it.  So how about an ode to sugaring season?

Maple Syrup Poem Amish

Tom says he is not sure who wrote this poem, but believe’s it is his friend’s wife’s work.

Come We're Making Maple Syrup

I’m pretty experienced at pouring maple syrup on my pancakes, but not at making it.  Anyone ever made it?

And do you have any maple syrup favorites?  Or any unusual uses (hot dog condiment, skin cleanser, etc ;))?


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