Amish schoolchildren singing

Image/video by Philip Sarlo

It’s hard to watch this video and not smile. A class of Amish schoolchildren sings “The Ninety-Nine” for the camera in what looks to be a Holmes County, Ohio Amish school.

So enjoy this sweet rendition of a 120-year-old hymn…and can you tell from the video why I guessed this to be that community?

The Ninety-Nine

William G. Schell, pub. 1897

The ninety-nine within the fold
Are safe from fears and storms of night,
But one is on the mountains cold,
’Twill perish there—how sad the sight!

Go search it out and bring it home,
No more in darkness let it roam;
You’ll find it there in dreadful plight,
Oh! go and bring it back tonight.

The ninety-nine are safe today,
They’re all at home, so fully blest,
But one is wand’ring far away,
Upon the mountain’s snowy crest.

The ninety-nine with care are fed,
And rest within the Shepherd’s fold;
But one is starving, nearly dead,
Upon the mountains bare and cold.

The Shepherd dear, aloud doth weep
Because one lamb afar doth roam;
The ninety-nine He’ll safely keep—
We’ll seek that lamb and bring it home.

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