A reader in Indiana shares photos and a description of a water pump system in an Amish home:


This is the most common configuration for a well pump in the Northern Indiana community. A water pump driven by a Honda engine. This picture was taken in one of the houses we looked at buying. This particular unit was located in a side room of the barn. Most units are located outside, some especially in older homes are located inside. Many units are autostart, meaning they switch on when the pressure in the water tank drops too low.


Autostart controls for the pump

The flexible stainless steel line is the exhaust. Green tank is the water tank. Battery was recharged by a solar panel. Hondas are the most popular engine here in Northern Indiana.


Here is a closer photo of the automatic start.  HM Lektronic is the local Amish-run business which makes it;  the owner of the company apparently also invented this device.



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