I just got nice news from Lancaster County–my harmonica-playing friend Abe is a father again.  Looks like little Elam got a new brother last Friday.  When I visited last month, I knew Sarah was pregnant, but I did not realize the baby would be due so soon.

When Amish have children, many opt to deliver in the hospital, especially if it’s a first child.  Others prefer home-delivery, assisted by midwives.  Advantages of home-delivery include a large savings in cost, and the ability to recover in less-traumatic home surroundings.

Dorcas Sharp Hoover’s book House Calls and Hitching Posts is a nice account of country doctor Elton Lehman’s career among the Amish of the Holmes/Wayne County, Ohio settlement.  Over his 36 year-practice, Dr. Lehman delivered his fair share of babies in Amish homes.

And not only–Lehman recalls one memorable child who entered this world a bit ahead of schedule–in the back of a Jeep on the way to the hospital.

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