A fun culinary event enjoyed by Amish youth at Belle Center, Ohio, is the “mystery supper”.

Participants receive a menu of creatively-named items to riddle through, and have a time limit in which to make their picks for each of three courses.

mystery-breakfast-menuGuess poorly, and you can end up with, for example, only utensils and water for one of your courses.

A few years ago, Belle Center community member Mark Curtis shared with us the menu for one such mystery supper. It contained items with names like “Pig’s Disgrace“, “Fire Starter“, “Prickly Riser“, and “Point of Decision.” You can see that menu here, as well as the answer key.

Today Mark is back with the menu of another recent mystery meal–this time breakfast.

Here’s Mark’s father Don with some comments:

Mark said the supper was labeled “Mystery Supper – Breakfast Menu.”

Then there was a blank for the name and the date. Then the supper divided into three courses with four blanks per course.

The only thing provided was a divided styrofoam plate. Everything else had to be chosen from the list including water, utensils, food, etc. Everybody got the menu list and had to turn them over at the same time. They had three minutes to make their choices. They put the number of their choice on one of the blanks of the three courses.

Oh, all of the choices have something to do with deer or deer hunting:

1. buck scrape
2. food plot specialty
3. scent killer
4. bullets
5. whisker biscuit
6. deer tails
7. antlers
8. buck lure
9. brow tines
10. gut pile
11. white tail confusion
12. deer hide

Can you guess these breakfast meal items? How would you arrange your 3 courses of 4 items each?

First Course
x, x, x, x

Second Course
x, x, x, x

Third Course
x, x, x, x

Remember, most of the items above refer to common breakfast foods, while a few of them are utensils or other non-edibles.

Update: We’re back with your answer key. But first, here’s what Mark chose for his three courses:

First Course
12, 1, 3, 2

Second Course
7, 10, 8, 11

Third Course
5, 9, 6, 4

And the answers. Based on this, it looks like Mark did pretty well:

1. buck scrape – spoon
2. food plot specialty – fruit salad
3. scent killer – glass of water
4. bullets – sausage links
5. whisker biscuit – biscuit
6. deer tails – cherry strudel slice
7. antlers – fork
8. buck lure – coffee
9. brow tines – french toast sticks
10. gut pile – sausage gravy
11. white tail confusion – egg casserole
12. deer hide – napkin

Photo by vauvau/flickr

Amish-made cheese

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