Below, the menu items for the Amish youth mystery supper, courtesy of Don Curtis. Some of these were pretty tough. How did you do?

1. Hygiene Essential – water
2. Colorful Downfall – mixed fruit salad
3. Healthy Rollups – dinner rolls
4. Variety Pack – broccoli and veggie salad
5. Point of Decision – fork
6. Pigs Disgrace – meatloaf
7. Foreign Fundraiser – Italian herbed potatoes (the youth raise potatoes every year as a fundraiser and they had Italian herbs on them)
8. Payroll Overtime Record – a napkin
9. Grassy Snappers – green beans
10.  Fire Starter – a toothpick
11.  Dieters Downfall – a spoon
12.  Prickly Riser – a filled raspberry raised roll
13.  Best Friend in a Jam – knife

Don adds:

I’m sure they all had a good time.  I know Mark did.  He said that he did pretty well.  He got his knife and fork in the first course so that set him up pretty well. He said the others were disappointed because they hoped he’d end up will food all over himself and in his beard.

If you want to know what Mark ordered here is the list he filled out, followed by what he got:

First Course:
13—-Best Friend in a Jam—–knife
1—–Hygiene Essential—–water
5—-Point of Decision—-fork
12—–Prickly Riser—–raspberry jam filled roll
10—-Fire Starter—-toothpick

Second Course:
2—-Colorful Downfall—-mixed fruit salad
6—-Pigs’ Disgrace—-meatloaf
8—-Payroll Overtime Record—-paper napkin
7—-Foreign Fundraiser—-Italian herbed potatoes

Third Course:
11—Dieters Downfall—-spoon
3—-Healthy Rollups—-dinner rolls
4—-Variety Pack—-broccoli veggie salad
9—-Grassy Snappers—-green beans

Mark said there were several young married couples there that served as the waiters.  They’d pick up your list which had your name on it and deliver your plate to you with what you had ordered for that course on it.  Mark said he thought the waiters had as much fun as the young folks.  The boy next to Mark was trying to eat his hot foods with the lid off of his nut cup.  Ha!


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