Amish youth at Belle Center, Ohio (and elsewhere) may take part in a fun social event called a “Mystery Supper”.  Mark Curtis shares how this unusual meal works (thanks to Don Curtis for relaying the details):

The youth come in and sit down for supper.  At their place is a plate and a list of numbered blanks.

The blanks must be completely filled out in about ten minutes using a list of around 12 to 16 mystery items that they must choose from in ordering their supper.  The list of blanks is organized into three courses. The young folks put the number of the named item on the numbered blank.

Amish Mystery DinnerThe only problem is they don’t know what each item is because it is weirdly named.  “Mortar” might turn out to be mashed potatoes.  Water might be “A necessary cleanliness item.”  They don’t get the next course until they have finished the course they are eating.

This can be a problem because they don’t know if they ordered utensils to eat it with. That’s right, the utensils and drink are disguised in the list.  So you might have ordered the dessert and a toothpick in the first course with no water and no utensils. The boy sitting next to Mark didn’t get any of his utensils until the third and last course.  He had to eat [his main course] with no utensils.

Here is the “menu” from a recent mystery supper:

1. Hygiene Essential
2. Colorful Downfall
3. Healthy Rollups
4. Variety Pack
5. Point of Decision
6. Pigs Disgrace
7. Foreign Fundraiser
8. Payroll Overtime
9. Grassy Snappers
10. Fire Starter
11. Dieters Downfall
12. Prickly Riser
13. Best Friend in a Jam

These numbered items included the appetizer, salad, main course, dessert, drink, and utensils.

What could these disguised menu items be?  If you were at a mystery supper, how would you fill out each course of your meal?

Here are the menu items per course:

Course 1: choose 5 items

Course 2: choose 4 items

Course 3: choose 4 items

I’ve got the answers, and also Mark’s selections for this dinner (he didn’t do too badly).  I’ll share that later, after we get some of your guesses.  Bon…appetit?

Dinner photo: Dano/flickr

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