10 views of Lancaster County (#3)

For some reason I only pulled my camera out one day over this past Lancaster County trip, but it wasn’t too bad for taking photos.  Hope you enjoy:



The Old Leacock Presbyterian Church cemetery.


Not just stuff…Amish stuff.


Hanging out with some sheep.


Scooter view.


The farm at Blue Gate, right off the main 30 highway, happens to be the first place I stopped when I sold books in Lancaster County in 2007.  I’d never had any of their baked goods though.  Good snitz pie and Rice Krispies bars.  A sign inside the door said they were changing ownership in a couple of months.



The happy creation below was made by an employee at the Country Style Deli at the Markets at Shrewsbury.  I have a ritual of sorts that Shrewsbury/Country Style is my last Amish stop as I leave Pennsylvania (the market is about 5 miles from the Maryland border in southern York County, after you’ve been driving close to an hour after leaving the Lancaster settlement).  It’s a stop that comes in handy if I forgot to pick up any pies or canned goods.  This is also where I get my road sub, and this time I took one of these oyster pies along too (the crab balls get a big thumbs-up too).




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    1. Iza

      Amish stuff

      Interesting pictures Erik:)
      “Not just stuff…Amish stuff” made my day:)

    2. Carolyn B

      I liked the cemetery photo best. The happy face pie looks wonderful. Too pretty to eat though — 🙂

      1. Actually I managed to put the pie down without any pangs of conscience Carolyn!

    3. New York State of Mind

      My favorites are the pies. To think there are oysters or crabs inside of these. Hmmmmmmmm.


    4. Adair

      What was in the “Amish Stuff” store?

      1. I did not go in, but if I had to guess…trinkets and crafts?

    5. I love ‘hanging out with the sheep’. Clever!

    6. Andre Leveille

      Great sky for photos!

      There is nothing like sunlight and clouds for photos in the country. I like the one of the bicycles on the other side of the fence…geometric pattern catches my eye. Send more photos please.

    7. Juanita Cook

      Beautiful Photo's

      I loved all these pictures you posted on here today. They are all so beautiful. Love the Amazing Amish people, they are so fascinating to read and learn about.

    8. Annie Esh

      The Amish Stuff store is a great place for quite a few things. I discovered it about 3 weeks ago. They even sell used Amish clothing if you would want something like that. Amish clothes are hard to come by unless you know where to look. (And they are expensive to buy new.)

    9. Barb

      Where are the Cocalico Creek/Amish Stuff stores located? I don’t recognize them. Thanks.

    10. Tom

      I live in Maryland only about an hour and half away from Lancaster if that long. The picture of the oyster pie may have just been enough for me to take another trip up to Lancaster real soon.
      I have seen the Amish Stuff store many times when driving through but have never been in. I thought also that it would be just trinkets and crafts and a store that just uses the Amish name to sell things but after reading Annie Esh’s comment I may have to stop in during my next trip just to check it out. Great pictures thanks for posting them.

      1. That is more than I expected too.

    11. Alice Mary


      The first photo of the farm in the distance, with the lone tree to the right, really spoke to me. It’s a vista I’d much rather see than that of skyscrapers. It whispered, “Peace…and solitude.”

      Unfortunately, I’ll be off to work in a couple of hours (so much for peace AND solitude)…

      But thanks for the photo, which I’ve stored in my grey matter for future reference! 😉

      I also just noticed the lack of snow (we’ve had a couple of snowstorms here in recent weeks, with another “biggie” on the way tomorrow into Wed.). Was there much snow to be seen during your travels?

      Alice Mary

      1. There was not much snow Alice Mary–traces of an old snowfall in Big Valley, and a few flurries on the last day in York County.

    12. Lattice

      Thanks for the pictures, Erik.

      I’m curious about the photo of the cemetery. Is that an Amish cemetery? The reason I ask is that I noticed the variation in monuments, which is sort of uncharacteristic of Amish practices. Regardless, it’s a lovely shot. I don’t desire to wallow in morbid thoughts, but I always appreciate subtle reminders that we have no promise of tomorrow.

    13. Don Curtis

      Oyster Pie

      Sorry, Eric, but you left me cold there. I can’t abide onions or oysters. The idea of a pie full of them is too much for me. Now, my son Mark would love them. My late wife loved oysters and onions, as well. The first date I had with Charline was almost our last. She came out with her breath reeking of onions. She had just fixed herself an onion sandwich. But, I’m glad I was able to overlook the onions as we were married for fifty years before she passed away. Luckily, oysters are more expensive and less available around Central Ohio than onions. She never fixed them that often and I was very thankful.

    14. Anna Angelo

      Love the photo of the garden area! I was just thinking that it would be interesting to see a “series” of photos of an amish garden along with some of their garden wisdom from start to harvest so to speak. I am always so impressed with their neat and tidy gardens. 🙂

    15. George H.

      Thanks so much for taking the photos and for sharing them with us!

    16. Dale D.

      response to cemetery photo

      I am a professional photographer and live in Lancaster County. I believe that cemetery is Mennonite. The church looks like Carpenters mennonite church near Talmage along tr 772.

      1. Lattice

        Thanks, Dale. Good eye!

        1. Lattice

          Oh, Gee! I just looked back at the photo again and it has the caption above it: “The Old Leacock Presbyterian Church cemetery.” Has that caption been there the whole time??

          1. Old Leacock Presbyterian

            It has Lattice 🙂 This is right off the main route between Intercourse and Bird-in-Hand. You’re right, Amish stones tend to be plainer and more uniform. In Lancaster County at least, Amish and Mennonites share some cemeteries.


          2. Dale D.

            My bad

            It is as captioned!

    17. Patty Tolliver

      10 views of Lancaster County (#3)

      I love the picture with the sheep and being an historian/genealogist I totally loved the cemetery picture. It’s great when the weather cooperates with you for photo ops. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    18. Anne, the mom!

      too bad...

      There’s a shocking lack of telephone poles/electric lines in those photos of the Amish farms. Good going Erik! Thanks for sharing these.

    19. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Quiet neighbors

      The church, whichever denomination, reminds me of one in my community. It looks quite like that. It’s a simple looking building on the outside. The thing that always stood out for me was it is built of stone and at least in my lifetime it has a distinctive purple door. It even has a little boneyard surrounded by a wall or fence (I forget which) which makes it look like this photo. This photo makes me think about how the local church must have looked 50-100 years ago
      Beautiful photos.

    20. Barb

      I’m still wondering where the Calico Creek and Amish Stuff store are located. I’m fairly familiar with the area, so would like to visit. Also, if you are “local” to Lancaster, the Quilt Preview and Quilters’ Boutique are this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the MCC Material Resource Center on W Trout Run Rd, Ephrata — near the hospital. Great locally made quilts that will be at auction in April. This is a relief ministry that the Amish support.


        Barb, the Amish Stuff Store and Cocalico Creek are on the north side of Hwy 30 at the east end of the big bypass. You can Google a search by Amish Stuff, Lancaster, PA – they have a website as does Cocalico Creek Country Store.

    21. AMISH STUFF!

      Okay – now don’t shoot me but….. in the latest installment of AMISH MAFIA (yes, the DH and I do watch it – but only to see if we can recognize areas that we have been to in Ohio and PA) there was a quick shot of the 3 tall, wooden “Amish” folks (ala Cigar store indians) that stand out front of the AMISH STUFF store on Hwy 30… it was during a scene that the TV screen said was Holmes County, Ohio! We had such a laugh. Also, when Darrell and I were in PA last summer we drove by the Amish Stuff store so many times that it became a running joke with our OOA friends that we were on vacation with in Lancaster.

    22. Barb

      Hi Mary – Thanks for your help. It explains why I’ve never seen the stores — to me Cocalico is up around Ephrata. Plus I don’t drive that part of route 30 — If I’m going into Lancaster City, I use route 23. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Barb

    23. Sadie


      Oh I love it! “Not Just Stuff…Amish Stuff!” Really, now, if I ever make it out to PA, you know I will have to stop by and find out what makes it different from “Stuff”.
      And Erik, that’s just not fair. I’m hungry now and it’s barely 4pm.

    24. Dale D.

      Amish Cemeteries

      Back to the Amish cemeteries. Since Amish do not have church building, many farms have family cemeteries. As you drive around Lancaster county you can see some of these from the road. They usually have some kind of fence or rock walls around them.

    25. Mona, Kentucky Lady 717

      Some great pictures on here Erik ….but I’ll pass on the oyster pie tho…..make mine Pecan lol 🙂