For some reason I only pulled my camera out one day over this past Lancaster County trip, but it wasn’t too bad for taking photos.  Hope you enjoy:



The Old Leacock Presbyterian Church cemetery.


Not just stuff…Amish stuff.


Hanging out with some sheep.


Scooter view.


The farm at Blue Gate, right off the main 30 highway, happens to be the first place I stopped when I sold books in Lancaster County in 2007.  I’d never had any of their baked goods though.  Good snitz pie and Rice Krispies bars.  A sign inside the door said they were changing ownership in a couple of months.



The happy creation below was made by an employee at the Country Style Deli at the Markets at Shrewsbury.  I have a ritual of sorts that Shrewsbury/Country Style is my last Amish stop as I leave Pennsylvania (the market is about 5 miles from the Maryland border in southern York County, after you’ve been driving close to an hour after leaving the Lancaster settlement).  It’s a stop that comes in handy if I forgot to pick up any pies or canned goods.  This is also where I get my road sub, and this time I took one of these oyster pies along too (the crab balls get a big thumbs-up too).





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