Continuing the “10 views” series, today we have photos of Juniata County, Pennsylvania.

A couple months ago we had a post on the Juniata County Amish.  This community is one of the many lesser-known Pennsylvania settlements.

With 8 church districts, it’s actually a pretty sizeable one.  That’s about 1000 Amish, give or take.

But Juniata County is overshadowed by nearby Big Valley, nearly 4 times its size, and of course, Lancaster County.  Follow the link above to read more on the community.

I found Juniata County a beautiful place even in chilly February; what do you think?

juniata county


amish school juniata county


amish farm juniata county pa


juniata county amish valley


juniata county amish


juniata county valley


amish marten houses


amish laundry repair juniata county


amish laundry juniata county pa


amish horse juniata county

If you didn’t catch them the first time around, more photos:

10 views of Lancaster County

Another 10 views of Lancaster County

10 views of Big Valley, PA

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