amish in maine

An Amish buggy near Smyrna, Maine

The only Amish in New England are found in Maine.  Today there are 3 communities in the state.

You can read more at the new State Guide entry on Maine Amish, with info on Unity Amish donuts, more Maine Amish photos, the unusual origin story of the Smyrna Amish community, as well as a video on the Fort Fairfield Amish.

Amish moving to new areas often do so in search of cheaper land, but many set up small businesses as well, including carpentry crews, small stores, and woodworking shops. Some Amish in Maine have started wood-related businesses; read more about Amish woodcraft in the Pine Tree State: Amish Furniture-Maine.

Photo credit: Maine Amish by Andy Mooers of Mooers Realty


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